Fire Eggs are one of the five types of eggs which Kazooie uses for ammunition in Banjo-Tooie and Banjo-Kazooie x3.



Jamjars teaches her how to use them on the Plateau just outside the entrance to Glitter Gulch Mine. They can be found in nests which shift between different egg types and can be used by tapping 25px-R button (N64) to select them from the egg line-up.

Fire Eggs deal more damage than normal Blue Eggs and will set enemies aflame when they hit, but Kazooie can only fire two at a time and can initially hold a maximum of 50 (100 if used the EGGS cheatcode in code chamber in Mayahem Temple). Burning enemies will panic and run around but will not suffer any extra damage. Fire Eggs are useful in activating certain switches, such as the one which activates the door leading from the Plateau to the Pine Grove, and they can also be used to melt blocks of ice, light up dark areas, or defeat certain enemies quickly (such as Bang Boxes and Biggyfoots). Interestingly, they will still burn when fired underwater.

When Kazooie transforms into Dragon Kazooie, she has access to an infinite amount of Fire Eggs.

Banjo-Kazooie x3

Fire Eggs return in Banjo-Kazooie x3. After defeating the first boss, Writzy, in Writzy Woods, Banjo and Kazooie find Fire Eggs, along with a Jiggy, next to her. Afterwards, they are able to find them in bunches of 5, adding to their overall egg count. They can them fire them like regular eggs by switching to them with R.

Fire Eggs deal slightly more damage then the common Blue Eggs], and burn the enemies hit. Burning enemies will suffer more damage from firery attacks and will run around histaricly. Because they share their total with Blue Eggs and Cloud Eggs, the eggs themselves are rarely found in bunches. Their main use it setting things on fire or melting ice, which can come in useful when in Icicle Falls. When Kazooie is in Dragon Form, firing Fire Eggs does not deduct from the total of Blue Eggs.


Jamjars's Rhyme

  • Now's the time for you to learn, shooting eggs that crackle and burn!
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