Fire Eagle is an fire eagle like species, Fire Eagle likes terrozing Tokyo city, he is only seen twice is EP 126:Fire Eagle terror and EP152:Fire Eagle's return from Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! series, he only has one ability is flamethrower, that is using to fight against Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! and terrozing Tokyo city

Fire Eagle
Gender Male
Species Eagle
Current Status Dead
Ability/ies Flamethrower
Vulnerable To Water
First Appearance Ep 126:Fire Eagle terror
Latest Appearance Ep 152:Fire Eagle's return


  • In EP126; he made first appear in this episode, he is like to terrozing Tokyo city and harm Tokyo peoples. But he was later defeated by the firefighters by put water on him, then he flees, at the end, he is seen terrozing Nagasaki city
  • In EP152; he made his second appear and trying to terrozing Tokyo city and harm Tokyo peoples again; but he was later defeated by Firefighters again, he was finally disappeard by water put on him


  • Fire Eagle never meet Doraemon gangs, it is unknown if Fire Eagle is enemy of Doraemon gangs
  • Fire Eagle is only villain that not to appear in final episode as a phantom