Fire (Fire & Ice)
Fire Newest
Fire's latest appearance
Full Name Fire
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species Fire Elemental
Location Desert Outpost
Current Status Alive, previously deceased
Class Protagonist


Family and Relations
Ice(Friend), Electric(Friend)

,The Great Darkness(Enemy)

Main Weapon(s) Elemental Powers
Ability/ies Fire Absorption and Manipulation
Vulnerable To Darkness
The Golden Flame

Hero of the Light Dome

First Appearance Fire & Ice
Latest Appearance Fire & Ice 3

Fire is one of the main protagonists of the series Fire & Ice. He was the main character in Fire & Ice, deceased for most of Fire & Ice 2 and returned as a protagonist in Fire & Ice 3. He is a somewhat careless Elemental as he often activates traps by accident or does things without thinking them through.


Fire appears to be a Fire Elemental. He has a body made entirely out of an eternal flame which unlike most other Elementals is very rare. Aside from his normal appearance he also has the Golden Flame appearance in which he shines a brilliant golden light which can repel darkness.



Fire & IceEdit

Fire appeared at the beginning of Fire & Ice appearing as the initial playable character. He traveled to the Light Dome to escape the approaching Darkness, meeting his friend Ice along the way. Together they were able to overcome various obstacles and reach the Light Dome however Ice was captured by the Darkness near the end of the game and Fire uses the power of the Light Dome to gain extra strength for his abilities and defeats the Darkness. However in doing so he also extinguishes his own life as he used up all of his life-force. In the end of the game Ice is seen weeping over the spot where he lay.

Fire & Ice 2Edit

Fire did not appear throughout most of Fire & Ice 2 due to his demise in Fire & Ice. He is mentioned several times by other characters and apparently his tale spread across the land quickly as Ice was told by the new character, Electric of a supposed prophet that could grant wishes deep within the Well of Darkness. In the last moments of the game in which Ice and Electric defeated the creature of the shadows they find the Prophet who resurrects Fire by summoning a new eternal flame, this time Fire has a blue core and has been granted large Fiery wings granting him flight. He retains his memories from the first game and seems to be already capable with his new powers.

Fire & Ice 3Edit

Due to the uprising occurring at the time to form order among the Elementals, Fire along with Ice and Electric go to seek out the kidnapped King of the Light People who was taken deep within the Techno Jungle. Here they encounter the lost Elementals, the five races of Elementals who dwell deep within the Jungle. They find out from the locals that the Darkness has been manifesting itself deep within the ancient temple of trials. The trio investigate and discover a prophecy stating that only the death of a King of the Light People can bring back the Darkness. Fire and Co. stop this ritual and are praised throughout the land as the heroes of the world.



  • Fire is rather uncommon in that he actually dies in his debut game despite being the main protagonist, this is usually not seen in games with set protagonists
  • Fire's favorite thing to do is make Glass Armour, due to living at the Desert Outpost for most of his life he has become very proficient at metal work and glass making.