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Finnigan Nowhere2
The Eyes of the Woods
Full Name Finnigan
Current Age 15
Date of Birth June 28
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Endocrea (former)
Current Status Alive
Class Hunter
Main Weapon(s) Bows
Ability/ies Mastered the skill of archery.
Experienced hunter, gatherer, and tracker.
Can perform minor acts of stealth when necessary.
Vulnerable To Too trusting
The Eyes of the Woods
First Appearance Nowhere in Particular
Latest Appearance Nowhere in Particular

Finnigan is an Hunter-class character and the main character of Nowhere in Particular. He is a staple character of the game, often representing it in crossovers.


Nowhere in Particular

Finnigan's first appearance. In this title, Finnigan, along with miscellaneous supporting characters, find themselves on a hunt for answers after an unusual series of cataclysms that threaten destroy the last remaining traces of civilization in Creaderm. During his travels, Finnigan wrestles with just how often his allies end up getting into petty squabbles, along with the usual RPG protagonist problems - loss of loved ones, saving the world, uncertainty as to whether he's actually capable of maintaining a leadership role without collapsing under pressure.


In battle, Finnigan acts as a jack-of-all-trades, as you'd expect from the main protagonist. His HP and Defense are relatively low, often leaving him reliant on his own healing ability to survive, but his Speed, Resistance, and Karma are quite high. His skills are similarly balanced, with a combination of offensive debuffs and healing skills that help to keep allies out of tight spots. His Weapon of Choice is Bows, but he can also wield Knives and Swords, and uses Light- and Medium-type armor.


Finnigan is surprisingly moderate, despite going through loss and sorrow. He generally does this with help from his optimistic nature. Most of the time, he's calm, but not horribly cold. He generally tries to be a good person and help out however he can. Despite this semi-naive nature, he isn't a complete idiot - surviving so long as a hunter for Endocrea means being quick-witted. He isn't as good at seeing through lies that he could be, but he knows to evade people whenever possible when hunting, which has gotten him far enough.