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Finneish and Verb is another game for the APIM Hanabi, made by APIM Group, Inc. In similar vein to Mario Mario, this is a parody-ish retelling of the Phineas & Ferb TV show. Naturally, it is one of the Origiverse games.




Proti... Plota... Protagu... HEROES.

  • Finneish Fling - One of the title characters. With his super creativity and excellent sense of Finnish, Finneish is all set to save Damville.
  • Verb Fetcher - Finneish's stoic but inseparable stepbrother. What Finneish has in language, Verb makes that up with his building abilities and his talent of getting the ladies.
  • Kansas Fling - She is usually super jealous of Finneish and Verb's abilities, so she tries to ruin their summer. But the Quad-State Area is in danger, and she's forced to help out.
  • Berry the Beaverduck - Berry is the pet plato... praty... beaver duck. She's actually a secret agent working for the O.W.L.A, the Organization With a Lame Acronym. She does anything she could to save her home.


  • Ima Belle Ogosh-Slapmenow - She has a huge crush on Finneish and will do anything to help him out. She's able too, as she's part of the Waterside Gals.
  • Vantassa Hoovenhurtz - Daughter of the main villain, yet Verb's crushing on her... and she's got a crush on him too. Ain't that sweet.
  • Buffoard von Steam - Damville's local bully, yet nice to Finneish and Verb. His standard nerd is Moljeet Cinder (rumor is he likes him though).
  • Meter the Monochromebear - Meter secretly has a crush on Berry, but they're actually rivals.

Dem Allies

  • Toad-Shy Guy - Not to be confused wit the Toad'ShyGuys, this is a Toad in a Shy Guy Robe. Like in Mario Mario, he gives you tips. No one knows his origins.
  • Arend the Art-End - Give this guy Arend-Flags. He'll give you need stuff if you do so.

Anti... Amta... Antagi... VILLAINS.

  • Dr. Silence Hoovenhurtz - Our main villain. His new Inatic caused him to make the ruler of the Quad-State Area. You gotta stop him.
  • Morn the Robot - He's a moron. And a robot. Why did Silence make him anyway?
  • Loogi the Arsonist - Interuniversal threat. Burns Toad'ShyGuys for no reason. He's also about to betray Silence.

Other Foes


  • The Toad'ShyGuys - Save them all, just by picking them up. Only the Toad'ShyGuys can save the Quad-State Area, and Loogi is about to burn them.
  • Flags - There are multiple flags to collect in this game
    • Finland Flag - Gives an extra life. Cuz we all love Finland.
    • Arend-Flag - Give them to Arend the Art-End. They can be distinguished by the logo on it.



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