Full Name Finn
Current Age 24
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Eden
Current Status Deceased
Main Weapon(s) Tentacle Arm
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance Dark Woods V: Freak Show
Series Dark Woods

Finn is a character in the Dark Woods series who makes his first appearance in Dark Woods V: Freak Show as one of the main characters, and also main antagonist of the game.



Finn was born with 'Takotsubo Disease' a special condition which gives a human visual and internal aspects of an octopus. When born people initially thought he was born with only one arm, as the right was only a tiny stump which for some reason did seem to move around. People tried to take him into consideration despite his flawed appearance. However when Finn hit puberty the little stump began to grow and grew into a large tentacle arm. His family was ashamed of him and outside he was treated as an outcast. He fled to the woods where he founds residence in the circus tent of Dr. Justinian L'Orme.

Dark Woods V: Freak Show

Finn appears as one of the major characters and main antagonist as well.


Because Finn was born with his weird condition he always was used to people helping him, even though he didn't want it. When he was outcasted by everyone he felt hate towards them but at the same time also liberation, finally being able to do things on his own, his own way. He refuses help from others but does like to order people around which doesn't necessarily is for his own benefit. He is a charming and compassionate man on the outside who treats everyone right to the public, but in reality is a cruel and a manipulative liar

Powers & Abilities

The tentacle arm of Finn serves as his weapon. It might be disability but it is a very strong peace of meat. He controls it easily and can wrap people in his tentacle and even choke them to death with it. The tentacle has very long range and can deal some fierce cuts with its tip. He is also able to release ink from the holes of the tentacles to make the terrain slippery.