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Ready to rumble!!
Finko, Finko Z

Finko Z
Full Name Finko
Current Age 11
Date of Birth 10/8/2004
Gender Male
Location Finko Town, Cloudville
Current Status Hero
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Sword, and other
Element(s) All
Ability/ies Sword, Glow Cast, Knights Arsenal, etc.
Vulnerable To Firombi
First Appearance Petit Finko
Latest Appearance Finko Z
Family and Relations
Voice Actor(s)


Finko (as usual) was snoozing.......When Kinko, his brother, awoke him. "Ok, what do you need?" Finko said. "Cloudville is in trouble!" Kinko said. Right. The....princess......Miley....had to be saved! Dr. Wizzardbrog, the evil witch, locked Miley in a cage. Now Finko and Kinko have to save her - and the world!

Finko Z

Finko Z is the first Finko game for the Neptune Z and Wii X. It will support Neptune Connect, Wii inspired controller, Wii U pad, and more.

Finko Amiibo support for Wii X and Wii U.

Game is now available for the SP1DR!

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