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Game info

Finko 2 GCN Edition
Finko 2 GCN Box
Developer(s) ClassicSonic Games
Publisher(s) ClassicSonic Games (Licensed by Nintendo)
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube

Wii (Backwards Compatible)

Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Puzzle
Release Date(s)
Single-Player, Multiplayer, GBA Mode
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Series Finko Series
Predecessor Finko 2
Successor Finko Battle Frenzy
Media Included GameCube Optical Disk (56 Blocks)

Finko 2 GameCube Edition is a game based off the N64 game Finko 2. This remake launched on Nintendo GameCube in 2006.

Finko, not only does he have a new evil to face, but he also has new defense items.


Finko was dreaming about happy places.....



What was going on? Finko had to find out. But how?

He had found a piece of map, just laying right on the floor.

Dr Wizzardborg was up to his evil plans again!

Now there was only one thing Finko and his brother, Kinko, could do.....


Game Boy Advance

Finko 2: GCN Edition supports GBA!

Multiplayer Connection diagram (for wired)

Gbplr multi link
Gamecube finko menu

Multiplayer Connection diagram (for wireless adapter)

Wireless gbp

Game logo in Memory Card menu

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