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Finian Felicis

Finian Fuzzy


The cutie phantom.
Full Name Finian Finnigan Felicis
Current Age About 300
Gender Male
Species Human/Spirit
Current Status Uhh...Dead? Alive? Ghost?
Ability/ies Wisp magic
Vulnerable To Powerful sunlight
Height 3"4
Sexuality Asexual
First Appearance Wonder Wisp (2016)

Finian Finnigan Felicis, or simply Finian, is a sorcerer spirit residing in New York City, "haunting" the Silver Lining Hotel. Despite basically being a ghost, Finian is very uninterested in "scaring the hotel people shitless", instead trying to pull pranks on the unassuming hotel workers. How his human form died is unknown, but he never really cared how or why his sudden death occurred.

In Wonder Wisp, he claims to be the source of the "haunt-y hullabaloo" occurring at the hotel, after Annalise Crihana attempts to investigate the odd things happening there. It is then that he leads Crihana on an odd adventure to try and vanquish other deadly ghosts in New York City.

Physical Appearance

Finian's ghostly form resembles a small humanoid figure of blue coloring, with a lighter body, a darker face, bright teal eyes, a floating pair of hands, and dark shoe-shaped feet. He wears a golden floppy sorcerer's hat, and a turquoise cloak, with notable patches and stitches on it. Under the hat is a small tuft of black hair, possibly a reference to his appearance in his past life.


Compared to the various ghosts wreaking havoc in some areas of New York City, Finian is very friendly, innocent, laid-back, and peaceful. The worst thing he's ever done to someone in the hotel is pull a dumb prank, basically. He treats his friends and enemies fairly, and is very calm even in a serious situation. He is also against being in a romantic relationship, as he finds them a bit unnecessary, not seeing the difference between a good friend and a romantic partner: this philosophy makes him act relatively platonic to basically everyone, regardless of gender.


Finian wields a special type of magic known as Wisp Magic, which, at first-sight, is basically spooky fire magic. However, it's actually much more complex than it sounds; the small fires can inflict all sorts of mayhem on his adversary; poison, burn damage, electricity damage, psychokinetic damage, paralysis, a sleep curse, and so on. He can also shoot himself at great speeds using the wisps, if he places them at his feet.


Annalise Crihana



  • His last name (Felicis) is a reference to the Harry Potter series, in which there is a potion in the universe known as "Felix Felicis", which gives the drinker good luck for a certain amount of time.
    • Unfortunately, since the creator already has a character named Felix, that name wasn't available for the character.
  • The character was inspired partially by Smile.

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