Find ... Four (commonly referred to as Find the Four), is a terrible puzzle game themed around the Voidverse series. It is downloadable on the Delta Store. It is for third Series Swap Day by Stelios7 (tbc), but DK can have it or delete it if he likes.


The gameplay is your average find four game, but there is no board, it takes place on a checkered wormhole in the Voidverse. There are two options of playing, play a traditional find four game, or play it without the board, with the option to swap around tiles to find four. You can play against the computer, or with multiplayer local or online. There are timed games, games with 3-5 sets in.


  • Seventy Tile -
  • Sixty Tile -
  • Eric Tile -
  • Keyan Tile -
  • Colin Tile -


Achievements are earnt after achieving certain goals in the game.

  • First victory - Win a game. 100
  • Seventy Victory - Win a game with Seventy tiles. 20
  • Sixty Victory - Win a game with Sixty Tiles. 20
  • Eric Victory - Win a game with Eric Tiles. 20
  • Keyan Victory - Win a game with Keyan tiles. 20
  • Colin Victory - Win a game with Colin tiles. 20
  • Matchmaker - Win a three game match.
  • Seventy Scuffler - Win three matches with Seventy Tiles. 60
  • Sixty Scrambler - Win three matches with Sixty Tiles. 60
  • Eric Ender - Win three matches with Eric Tiles. 60
  • Keyan Trio - Win three matches with Keyan Tiles. 60
  • Colin Crusher - Win three matches with Colin Tiles. 60
  • On the Skin of Your Teeth - Win in the last 5 seconds in a times game. 100
  • Straight Face - Win after you opponent missed a opportunity to win. 100
  • That father and son connection - Get a 8 in a row with Sixty and Eric Tiles. 500


  • This is regarded as Stelios7's worst game, by Stelios himself.

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