Final Strike is an action/adventure role-playing game for the Wii U. The game is a Umbrella Game and features many characters as they team up to defeat an evil threat from taking over their universes as a whole. The game will feature many locations, other characters, and more from many series that are included, and a multiplayer mode is available where two players go on their quest as they help each other get through many obstacles. Nintendo Network is also available where a player can team up with someone to play from across the globe.

The game is Rated T for Teen, and has a rumored release date for July 2014. A sequel has been confirmed which is a fighting game named Final Strike 2: Revival.


The End of Space and Time

The End of Space and Time is the story of the game as a new threat and his new army invade the many universe which reside across the multiverse. New returning villains have also teamed up as well, as new villains have as well joined. The new villain does not know that an elite group have teamed up together at last to stop his evil deeds and save the multiverse from extreme peril and danger.

This is. Final Strike.

Chapter 1: Where it all happens

A dark shadowy figure is shown to be in a hidden tall fortress as he stood up to look at his giant glowing orb. This figure looks inside the orb and sees many universes, and then pictures them as dark kingdoms of his own. He then sends out his army to invade these universes as he will some day call them, his own "propety". The army then do as what there leader said as their new mission has started.

The shadow figure then saw many villains such as Bowser, Ganondorf, and more. He then knew that he had to form an alliance with these masterminds of evil.

The Orb then zooms in to show a lucious land.

Mario is then seen roaming around the fair land of the Mushroom Kingdom as he was guarding Princess Peach as usual. A loud explosion was then heard as an army of shadow figures were invading the castle as many Goombas, Koopa Troops, and Hammer Bros. have also join the invasion of the castle. He enters the castle knowing that a dark fate is soon ahead of him.




Image Name Series Description Location
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Super Mario Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and savior of Peach. Mario goes on a new adventure as he goes to stop the evil force from taking over his universe. Mario is a balanced character as he has great moves too. Mushroom Kingdom
Linkoeo Link The Legend of Zelda Link, the hero of Hyrule who has saved Princess Zelda many times from the evil Ganondorf, joins the adventure. Link has powerful attacks and is handy if all characters in the party run out of health. Hyrule
SU Maxwell Maxwell Scribblenauts Maxwell, the possessor of the Magical Notebook is on a new quest as he can perform many powerful attacks as he can also summon objects while in overworld and battle. Edwin's Farm
Sonic Wreck It Ralph Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive and decides to join his adventure. Sonic's high speed can be useful at times and his attacks are also very well. Green Hill
FinnridingJake Finn and Jake Adventure Time Finn and Jake are the heroes of Ooo and join a quest together as a duo. Finn and Jake share their attacks which are very useful. Ooo
Heavy Heavy Team Fortress 2 Heavy is a large man who hails from the USSR and carries many weapons along his way such as his fists, shotgun, and his infamous minigun. Dustbowl
SoraKH Sora Kingdom Hearts TBA Traverse Town
AMERICA America (Alfred F. Jones) Hetalia: World Series America is a member of the Allied Forces and has a love for food which explains why he's found at McDonalds. America joins the battle for justice as he has many attacks such as his pistol because 'MURRICA. McDonalds
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pac-Man Pac-Man Pac-Man, the hero of Pac-Land and a big eater joins the quest to defeat the evil beast. Pac-Land
OriginsRayman1 Rayman Rayman Rayman the...thingamajig joins the party as he goes on an adventure once again to save the universe. Rayman has great healing powers. Jibberish Jungle
DipperGFArt Dipper Pines Gravity Falls Dipper Pines is a 12 year old who ventures through mystery with his sister Mabel in the small yet mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Dipper is also great for defense. Gravity Falls
AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd Angry Video Game Nerd The Angry Video Game Nerd joins the party as he is determined to slay the beast and save the universe from peril. AVGN has some pretty powerful attacks. The Lost Game Factory
NC Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic The Nostalgia Critic returns and is is ready to save the universe from the evil force and it's army. The NC has some pretty good attacks. Chicago
JulietStarlingLollipopChainsaw Juliet Starling Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling is a cheerleader at San Romero High who comes from a line of Zombie Hunters. Juliet can use her Chainsaw to attack. San Romero High
JonTron JonTron JonTron JonTron is a game reviewer....yeah. Jon has some pretty powerful attacks which are handy sometimes. He also plays games with his best friend Egoraptor on Goom Gramps Game Grumps. Forest Maze
EgoraptorStaresintoyoursoul Egoraptor Egoraptor Egoraptor is an animator. He has many attacks such as his gun. He also plays games with his best friend JonTron on Gash Gharsts Game Grumps. Forest Maze
TF2Pyro2 Pyro Team Fortress 2 Pyro is a pyromaniac who basically mumbles as his gas mask prevents him from talking. Pyro can use his flamethrower, shotgun, and fire axe to attack. Pyro also sees another world in his perspective. Dustbowl
Quote Quote Cave Story Quote is the robot soldier from the Surface who can also use his Polar Star to attack. He's found at Mimiga Village. Mimiga Village
NSMBULuigi Luigi Super Mario Luigi is the brother of Mario and helps him on a lot of his adventures. Luigi is found at the Mushroom Kingdom. Mushroom Kingdom
Fella Fella DeviantArt Fella is the mascot of DeviantArt and is found at the Art Dump. Fella can use many attacks such as his paintbrush. Art Dump
Wreck It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph (Fix-It Felix) Wreck-It Ralph is the main villain of the game Fix-It Felix Jr. and all he wants to be is a hero. He's found inside of the Felix-It Felix Jr. game at Litwak's Arcade. Litwak's Arcade (Fix-It Felix Jr.)
Vanellopewirdisney Vanellope Von Schweetz Wreck-It Ralph (Sugar Rush Speedway) Vanellope Von Schweetz is a glitch from the game Sugar Rush Speedway and all she wants to do is race. She's found inside of the Sugar Rush game at Litwak's Arcade. Litwak's Arcade (Sugar Rush Speedway)
Geno Brawl Geno Super Mario TBA Forest Maze
DonaldKH2 Donald Mickey Mouse/Kingdom Hearts (appearance) TBA Traverse Town
Goofy Goofy Mickey Mouse/Kingdom Hearts (appearance) TBA Traverse Town
PantyA Panty Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Panty is an angel who likes to "fool" around with the boys of the neighborhood. She is also Stocking's sister as she can use her Panty Pistol to attack. Daten High School
StockingPSG Stocking Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Stocking is an angel who is a goth. She is Panty's sister and uses her Stocking Dual Swords to attack. Daten High School
KirbyWiiNew Kirby Kirby Kirby is a Pink Puffball who is the hero of Dreamland. Kirby can use his many abilities to attack, and he can use his inhale ability to absorb power from enemies. Cookie Country
Groose Groose The Legend of Zelda Groose is Link's rival with a stylish pompadour. Groose can use his bombs to attack. Hyrule
Gaston Gaston Disney (Beauty and the Beast) What's that? A villain joining the good side? Yes, he's joining the good side for once. Gaston can use his shotgun to attack. Cinderella's Castle
BrawlIceClimbers Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Nana and Popo, the Ice Climbers who are the famous glacier climbing duo from all across the land. The Ice Climbers can use their mallets to attack. Nataru
Cool coolcoolcool Abed Community cool coolcoolcool. Abed is found at Greendale Community College, Greendale Community College
Chell Chell Portal Chell is a test subject from Apeture Laboratories who uses her Portal Gun to solve many tasks. Chell can use her Portal Gun to solve puzzles. She can be found at Apeture Lab. Apeture Laboratories
Jimmy Scholarship Edition Jimmy Bully Jimmy is a student from Bullworth Academy who also is the king of the school as he promises to bring law and order into the land. He punches and kick to attack, and he is also good when it comes to battling with melee weapons. Bullworth Academy




These characters are summoned, when a trophy of them appears and the player picks them up. Summoners are mainly found on the overworld, but can be used in storage for battle.

Image Name Series Description
PAPERBOY-NES Paperboy Paperboy When summoned, Paper Boy can throw his newspapers at enemies. On overworld, when he throws a newspaper at an enemy, he slows it down, but on battle his newspaper only takes away 1 HP.
Lucario Brawl Lucario Pokémon When summoned, Lucario can use his blue aura to attack. When attacking on overworld, Lucario knocks over enemies for a few seconds while during battle, Lucario's blue aura takes away 3 HP from enemies.

SU Lily

Lily Scribblenauts When summoned, Lily can spawn and use the weapons so she can help the player's party. Many of her weapons such as a sword take away 2 HP from an enemy.
CordeliaStarling Cordelia Starling Lollipop Chainsaw When summoned, Cordelia can use her rifle to damage enemies. When she attacks on overworld, enemies become knocked out for a couple of seconds and during battle mode, Cordelia takes away 3 HP from enemies when she attacks.
Tf2 medic.preview Medic Team Fortress 2 When summoned, Medic can use his Medigun to heal players when damage on the overworld and during battle. Medic can also use his Syringe Gun which takes away 2 HP away from enemies while his Bonesaw takes away 1 HP from enemies as well.
250px-Demoman Demoman Team Fortress 2 When summoned, Demoman can use his grenade launcher to launch grenades at enemies which takes away 3 HP from them. Demoman can also launch sticky bombs and when an enemy steps over one, 3 HP will be taken away from it. Demoman can as well use his mighty Eyelander which as well takes away 3 HP from enemies. 
TF2Engineer Engineer Team Fortress 2 When summoned, Engineer can build a Sentry Gun which shoots enemies when they come in contact, and it takes away 3 HP away from one. Engineer can also build a Dispenser which heals the player's items and health.
435px-Scout highFiveSuccessFull Scout Team Fortress 2 When summoned, the Scout can use his Scattergun to shoot enemies which takes away 3 HP away from them. Scout can use his Pistol as well which takes away from an enemy. Not only that, but Scout can use his Baseball Bat to launch a baseball at an enemy which not only takes away 2 HP away from them, but stuns them for a few seconds.
Soldier Soldier Team Fortress 2 When summoned, Soldier can use his Rocket Launcher to shoot at enemies which takes away about 4 HP away from them. Soldier can also use his Shotgun and Grenades which both take away 3 HP. Finally, Soldier can use his Shovel to hit enemies which only damages 1 HP from them.
SniperTF2 Sniper Team Fortress 2 When summoned, Sniper can use his many weapons such as his Sniper Rifle, Huntsman, Jarate, and Kukri. Each bullet in Sniper's Sniper Rifle takes about 1 HP, but 2 if a headshot is performed, and same goes with the Huntsman. When Sniper throws the Jarate, it does not affect the enemy at all, but it does die a lot faster when attacked. Finally, when the Sniper uses the Kukri, it takes away 2 HP from an enemy.
Spy Spy Team Fortress 2 When summoned, the Spy can use his many weapons such as his Ambassador, Cloak and Dagger, and Spy-cicle. The Ambassador takes away 2 HP from enemes when used, the Spy-cicle can instantly defeat enemies if they are backstabbed in the correct position, but when not, it usually just takes away 1 HP. The Cloak and Dagger can also be used to turn invisible and sneak upon enemies and surprise attack them.
IsaacHD Isaac The Binding of Isaac When summoned, Issac uses many weapons such as his Tears which take away 2 HP from enemies and a bomb which takes away 3 HP from enemies.




Image Name Series Description Character(s) Found
PeachCastle Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom is the first location in the game where the adventure begins. Characters who are found in it are Mario, Luigi, and Peach. Mario, Luigi, Peach
Hyrule F Hyrule The Legend of Zelda Hyrule is the second location in the game and is where Link, Zelda, and Groose are found at. Link, Zelda, Groose
SUMap ScribbleWorld Scribblenauts ScribbleWorld is the third location in the game. Maxwell is found at Edwin's Farm.  Maxwell
SanRomeroHighSchool San Romero High School Lollipop Chainsaw San Romero High School is the high school where Juliet attends and is infested with zombies. Juliet is found there. It is also the fourth location in the game. Juliet
TF2 Dustbowl Map Dustbowl Team Fortress Dustbowl is the fourth location in the game and is a loading dock with a desert theme into it. Heavy and Pyro are found there. Heavy, Pyro
Mimiga Village (3D Version) Mimiga Village Cave Story Mimiga Village is the fifth location in game and takes place underground. Quote is found here. Quote
RaymanandFriendsJibberishJungle Jibberish Jungle Rayman Jibberish Jungle is a large jungle where Rayman and his friends live. Rayman is found here. It's also the sixth location in the game. Rayman
Pac-Land Pac-Land Pac-Man Pac-Land is the seventh location in the game and is where Pac-Man is located at. Pac-Man
GravityFallsneighborhood Gravity Falls, Oregon Gravity Falls Gravity Falls is a small town and is the seventh location in the game. Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy are found there. Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy
COME TO LITWAKS ARCADE Litwak's Arcade Wreck-It Ralph Litwak's Arcade is where all of the main cast of the movie Wreck-It Ralph reside at. It's also the eight location of the game where the party goes inside of the games Fix-It Felix Jr., Sugar Rush Speedway, and Hero's Duty. Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun

Chicago 2

Chicago, Illinois N/A Chicago, Illinois is a large city and is where the Nostalgia Critic is found. It is also the ninth location of the game. Nostalgia Critic
McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds is just a large McDonalds restaurant and is where America is found. It's also the first part of the tenth location while the other half is an underground McDonalds factory, America
Underground McDonalds Factory McDonalds The other and final half of the tenth location in the game. Here is a large underground McDonalds factory where there are many cows kept in fences and same goes for chickens. Homer and Bart Simpson are found here. Homer and Bart
AbandonedFactory The Lost Game Factory N/A The eleventh location in the game and is an abandoned factory where games used to be made. The AVGN is found here. Angry Video Game Nerd
ForestDump Art Dump N/A The twelfth location in the game and is a large dump in the forest where many art supplies are thrown away. Fella is found here as well. Fella
Forest Maze Forest Maze Super Mario Forest Maze is a large maze that sets in the forest and is the thirteenth location in the game. Geno, JonTron, and Egoraptor are also found here. It is also the thirteenth location. Geno, JonTron, Egoraptor
TraverseTown Traverse Town Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town is a quite and calm town which is divided into 5 districts. Sora is also found here, and same with Donald and Goofy. It is the fourteenth location in the game. Sora, Donald, and Goofy.
DatenCityHigh Daten City High Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Daten City High is the high school where Panty and Stocking (and Brief) attend, and is the fifteenth location in the game. The school is usually infected with ghosts and Scanty and Kneesocks are known to be most popular. Panty and Stocking
Cinderella's Castle Cinderella's Castle Disney Basically Cinderella's which is under attack by the dark army. Gaston is found here. This is as well the sixteenth location in the game. Gaston
CookieCountry Cookie Country Kirby A large land which has grassy plains and beautiful landscapes. Kirby and Meta Knight are found here. Cookie Country is also the seventeenth location in the game. Kirby and Meta Knight
Ooosky Ooo Adventure Time Ooo is the eighteenth loction in the game and is a vast land where many kingdoms reside such as the Candy Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Flame Kingdom, and more. Finn and Jake are found here. Finn and Jake
Greendale Greendale Community College Community TBA Abed
GreenHillZone Sonic and SEGA Green Hill Sonic the Hedgehog TBA Sonic



Image Name Series Description Fought at
SMBDIY Goomboss Goomboss Super Mario Goomboss is the first mini boss of the game and is ruler of all the Goombas. Goomboss has many attacks such as summoning his Goombo minions, head stomp, and more. Goomboss also has 20 HP. Mushroom Kingdom
Darklinkrender Dark Link The Legend of Zelda Dark Link is the second mini boss in the game and is the dark image of Link. Dark Link has the exact same moves as Link and has 30 HP. Hyrule
CloneScribblenauts Clone Scribblenauts Clone is Maxwell's evil clone. Clone is the third mini boss in the game and flies around his UFO. He also has 68 HP. ScribbleWorld
Zed Zed Lollipop Chainsaw Zed is a "Punk Rockin' Misfit" and the fourth mini boss in the game. He uses his powerful loud words and other moves to attack. Zed has 109 HP. San Romero High School
Heavy-Robot Heavy Robot Team Fortress Heavy Robot is the robot version of Heavy who has many attacks. Heavy Robot can also summon other robot classes such as Robot Scout and Robot Demoman. Heavy Robot also has 118 HP. Dustbowl
JAPMisery Misery Cave Story Misery is a watch, daughter of Jenka, and servant of The Doctor. Misery can use her magic to attack and 142 HP. She is fought at Mimiga Village. Mimiga Village
DarkRayman Dark Rayman Rayman Dark Rayman is a clone of Rayman created by Mr. Dark and can copy many character's moves. Dark Rayman only has 182 HP. He is fought at Jibberish Jungle. Jibberish Jungle
ErwinWorldRally Erwin Pac-Man Erwin is a little man with a big head and wears a small suit. Erwin can use his death machines to attack and only has 205 HP. Erwin is found at Pac-Land. Pac-Land
GnomeMonster Gnome Monster Gravity Falls Gnome Monster is a monster made out of Gnomes. The Gnome Monster can perform many attacks such as launching Gnomes and more. The Gnome Monster has only 230 HP. Gravity Falls, Oregon
CandyCyBug Candy Cy-Bug Wreck-It Ralph Candy Cy-Bug is a giant Cy-Bug which is made out of candy and other sweets. The creature only has 259 HP and is fought at the Sugar Rush game at Litwak's Arcade. Litwak's Arcade (Sugar Rush)


Scanty Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Scanty is a demon who is the counterpart and rival of Panty as well as the sister of Kneesocks. Scanty can choose many guns from her own panties. She has 289 HP and is fought at Daten High School. Daten High School

Main Bosses

Image Name Series Description Fought at
NSMBWiiUBowser Bowser Super Mario Bowser is the first boss of the game and is fought at the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser uses many attacks such as his fire breath, spin attack, and more. Bowser has 45 HP. Mushroom Kingdom
DarkLordGanondorf Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda Ganondorf is the second boss of the game and is fought at Hyrule. Ganondorf uses his many attacks such as dark magic and more. Ganondorf has 70 HP. Hyrule
CthulhuHD Cthulhu Call of the Cthulhu Cthulu is a large winged beast who is the third boss of the game. He's fought at Alliteration Abyss where he can use many attacks. Cthulhu has 109 HP and is in his Scribblenauts appearance. ScribbleWorld (Alliteration Abyss)
LollipopChainsawVikke Vikke Lollipop Chainsaw Vikke is the "King of Viking Metal" and is the fourth boss of the game. He's fought on his airship which is above San Romero High School. Vikke performs many lightning related attacks and has 132 HP. His Airship (which was next to San Romero High)
Mvm boss tank Robot Tank Team Fortress Robot Tank is a giant tank that shoots out missiles and other weapons. Robot Tank is fought at the Dustbowl and has 158 HP. Dustbowl
Ballos Last Form Ballos Cave Story Ballos is a warlock who created the Demon Crown. Ballos has many attacks such as his magic and more. He has 197 HP. Mimiga Village
Bigmama Big Mama Rayman Big Mama is a giant beast who is actually a nymph of Land of the Livid Dead. Big Mama has some pretty powerful attacks and she has 210 HP. Jibberish Jungle
Toc-Man Toc-Man Pac-Man Toc-Man is a giant mech built by Orson. Ever since Toc-Man was defeated, he came back, but with new upgrades such as his lazer eyes, saw hands, and more. Toc-Man has 224 HP. Pac-Land


Gideon Gravity Falls Gideon is the holder of Book 2 and can perform many spells to attack. He is fought at Gravity Falls and has 255 HP. Gravity Falls, Oregon
KingCandyCyBug King Candy Cy-Bug Wreck-It Ralph King Candy Cy-Bug is King Candy's true form and is fought at Game Central Station where it's being nearly destroyed by the Cy-Bugs. King Candy Cy-Bug can use his many attacks and has 283 HP. Litwak's Arcade (Game Central Station)
Kermit Kermit Monster ??? An evil version of Kermit the Frog, Kermit Monster has many moves and attacks. He's fought at Chicago and has 319 HP. Chicago, Illinois
Kneesocks Kneesocks Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Kneesocks is a demon and is the counterpart and rival of Stocking, also the sister of Scanty. Kneesocks can use her powerful Stocking Swords to attack. She is fought at Daten High School and has 358 HP. Daten High School


Image Name Series Description
FireFlower Fire Flower Super Mario When gained, the player can use the Fire Flower to blast fire at enemies. The fire only takes away 3 HP.
Ice Flower Ice Flower Super Mario When gained, the player can use the Ice Flower to blast ice at enemies. When an enemy is hit, it freezes for a few seconds, but then goes back to normal which only takes 3 HP.
BombSS Bomb The Legend of Zelda When gained, the player can throw or roll the Bomb. If the player throws the bomb, when it hits the ground it explodes instantly. When the Bomb is rolled, it will explode 2 seconds after it stops rolling. Bombs are very useful in battles and take away 3 HP from enemies, and they are great help in some puzzles.
WindWakerBoomerang Boomerang The Legend of Zelda When gained, the player can use the Boomerang to fight enemies and solve puzzles. When the Boomerang is thrown, it comes back to the player.
S&SASR Speed Shoes Speed Shoes Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing When gained, the player will run at high speeds for a short amount of time on overworld.
S&SASR Manual Rocket Rocket Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing When gained, the player can use the rocket to cause damage to enemies while in battle or while they approach to battle while on overworld. If they are shot on overworld, they are instantly defeated, but on battle they loose 5 HP.
Coin NSMB2 Coin Super Mario Coins are collected throughout the game. They're especially good to use for buying items at shops.
NESZapper NES Zapper Nintendo When gained, players can use the NES Zapper to use on battle and on overworld. The NES Zapper usually takes away 2 HP away from enemies. The NES Zapper can run out of ammo, but ammo can be out at stores.
BrawlSuperScope Super Scope Nintendo The Super Scope is another gun and when gained, players can also use the gun on overworld and on battle. The Super Scope can also be charged to perform a shot with large ammo. The Super Scope takes away 3 HP from enemies, and 5 when charged up.
PowerGlove Power Glove Nintendo When gained, the Power Glove can be used to perform strong punches. To perform powerful punches, players have to charge up their meter in order to make a powerful punch. The Power Glove usually takes away 2 HP from an enemy and 5 HP, when it attacks and is charged.
AxeBass Axe Bass Adventure Time When gained, the player can use the Axe Bass to attack enemies. The Axe Bass knocks enemies over on land, but during battle, it only takes away 2 HP away from enemies.
Homerunbat Home Run Bat Earthbound When gained, the player can use the Home Run Bat to attack enemies during overworld and battle. On the overworld, the player can knock out enemies for a couple of seconds and on battle, the Home Run Bat only damages 1 HP from enemies.
Crackerlauncher Cracker Launcher Super Smash Bros. When gained, the player can use the Cracker Launcher on the overworld and during battle. The Cracker Launcher when used on the overworld can do many things such as knock things down and hurt enemies. During battle, the cracker launcher takes away 3 HP from enemies.
RedBonk Bonk! Atomic Punch Team Fortress 2 Bonk! Atomic Punch is an energy drink and when used, the player will run at fast speeds for a limited amount of time.
Equalizer Equalizer Team Fortress 2 The Equalizer is a pickaxe and when used, it takes away 3 HP away from enemies.
Sandman Sandman Team Fortress 2 The Sandman is a baseball bat which does the same as the Earthbound Baseball Bat, but the Sandman can launch a ball at an enemy causing them to not only lose 1 HP, but they're stunned for a short amount of time.
Sunonastick Sun-on-a-Stick Team Fortress 2 Sun-on-a-Stick is a long stick which has a fiery orb and sticks on it. When used, the Sun-on-a-Stick causes the enemy to lose 3 HP.
Saxxy Saxxy Team Fortress 2 A Saxxy is a golden award statue of Saxton Hale. When used, it takes away 2 HP from enemies.
Pyrovision Pyrovision Goggles Team Fortress 2 Nothing too special, these are used to visit the wonderful land of Pyroland with these goggles.
Balloonicorn Balloonicorn Team Fortress 2 Balloonicorn is the Mayor of Pyroland who also can have the player visit the vast land of Pyroland!


Image Name Series Description HP
Goomba look NSMBU Goomba Super Mario Goombas are the smallest and weakest enemies in the game. They have 2 HP and when they attack, they take away 1 HP. 2
Spiked Goomba NSMBDIY Spiked Goomba Super Mario Spiked Goombas are Goombs that have a spiked helmet on their head. They cannot be jumped on and they only have 4 HP. When they attack they take away 3 HP from the player. 4
Paragoomba NSMBU Paragoomba Super Mario Paragoombas are Goombas that fly. Paragoombas only have 3 HP and when they attack, they only take away 2 HP from the player. 3
KoopaTroopa Koopa Troopa Super Mario Koopa Troopas are enemies that have shells and have only 3 HP. Their shells can be used to cause damage to other enemies while on battle, and they only take away 2 HP if they attack. 3
ParatroopaNSMBU Paratroopa Super Mario Paratroops are Koopa Troopas who fly. They have 4 HP and like a regular Koopa Troopa, their shells can be used to damage enemies. When Paratroopas attack, they take away 3 HP from the player. 4
BulletBillWii Bullet Bill Super Mario Bullet Bills are enemies that come out of Bullet Bill Blasters. They have 5 HP and take away 4 when they attack the player. 5
Goombo Goombo Super Mario Goombos are enemies that are similar to Goomba's, but have a different color and they're round. They have 3 HP and if they attack, they take away 2 HP 3
Winged Goombo Winged Goombo Super Mario Winged Goombos are Goombos that fly. They have 4 HP and if they attack, they take away 3 HP. 4
BooNSMBU Boo Super Mario Boos are enemies that are ghosts with long tongues. When they are seen, they hide, but when the player is not looking, the Boo tries to sneak up on them. Boos have 3 HP and they take away 2 HP when they attack. 3
Hammer Brother. Hammer Bro. Super Mario Hammer Bros. are enemies that throw Hammers to attack. They have 4 HP and they damage 3 HP from the player when they attack. 4
PiranhaPlantSM3DL Piranha Plant Super Mario Piranha Plants are enemies that are large plants with sharp teeth. Piranha Plants just have 3 HP and they damage the player's HP by 2. 3
BokoblinSS Bokoblin The Legend of Zelda Bokoblins are enemies that use their sword to attack. Bokoblins have about 5 HP and they take away 4 from the player when it attacks. 5
DekuBabaSS Deku Baba The Legend of Zelda Deku Babas are enemies that are also plants with sharp teeth. Deku Babas have 4 HP and when one attacks the player, he/she will lose 3 HP. 4
OctorokSS Octorok The Legend of Zelda Octoroks are enemies that camouflage like a bush, but when they emerge, they shoot out rocks. Octoroks have about 5 HP, but when they attack, they take away 4 from the player. 5
SkulltulaSS Skulltula The Legend of Zelda Skulltulas are enemies that are giant spiders. Skulltulas have about 4 HP and they usually take away 3 from the player when one attacks. 4
KeeseSS Keese The Legend of Zelda Keeses are bat-like enemies that have 2 HP. When a Keese attacks, they only take away 1 HP away from the player. 2
TechnoblinSS Technoblin The Legend of Zelda Technoblins are Bokoblins, but they have an electrical weapon instead. Technoblins have 6 HP and when they attack, they damage 5 HP from the player. 6
CursedBokoblin Cursed Bokoblin The Legend of Zelda Cursed Bokoblins are undead Bokoblins who are cursed. Cursed Bokoblins have 5 HP, and when one attacks the player, it takes away 4 HP. 5
150px-Creeper Creeper Minecraft Creepers are creatures who explode for attack. Creepers have 5 HP, but when they attack they damage 4 from the player. 5
Shadow (KHII) Shadow Kingdom Hearts TBA 4
Lollipop Chainsaw Enemies Zombies Zombie Lollipop Chainsaw Zombies are enemies which are the undead. There are many different zombies such as the Police Officer Zombie, Cheerleader Zombie, Teacher Zombie, and more. The Zombies have 4 HP and when they attack, they take away 3 HP from the player. 4
SkeletonMinecraft Skeleton Skeleton Skeletons are enemies who use their bow and arrow to attack. They have 5 HP, and their arrows take away 3 HP. 5
ZombieMinecraft Minecraft Zombie Minecraft Zombies are enemies who basic attack is just going up and attacking the player. Minecraft Zombies have 3 HP and take away 2 HP when they attack. 3
Zombie PvZ Zombie Plants vs. Zombies PvZ Zombies do the same attack as the Minecraft Zombie and the same HP. 3
Enderman Enderman Minecraft Endermen are enemies who are black and slender. They have 9 HP and take away 6 HP from the player when they attack. 9
Scoutbot red Scoutbot Team Fortress 2 Scoutbot is the robot counterpart of the Scout and uses his weapons which are the Scattergun and Baseball Bat. The Scoutbot has 3 HP and only takes away 2 when one attacks. 3
Soldierbot red Soldierbot Team Fortress 2 Soldierbot is the robot counterpart of the Soldier. Soldierbot's weapon is his rocket launcher, and he has 5 HP, but when one attacks, they take away 3 HP from the player. 5
Demobot red Demobot Team Fortress 2 Demobot is the robot counterpart of the Demoman and uses such weapons as his Grenade Launcher and Eyelander. Demobot has 4 HP as he as well takes away 3 HP from the player when he attacks. 4
Pyrobot red Pyrobot Team Fortress 2 Pyrobot is the robot counterpart of the Pyro and uses many weapons such as his Flamethrower, Flare Gun, and Fire Axe. Pyrobot has 4 HP, and takes away 3 HP from the player when he attacks. He can as well leave some afterburn on the player after attacking. 4


Police Officer Bully Police Officers are apart of the main authority of Bullworth. They can use many attacks such as punching, kicking, and tackling. They only have 2 HP and take away 1 HP from the player when they attack. 2
Go back to the 50s Greaseballs Greaser Bully Greasers are one of the five school cliques in Bullworth Academy. They use their fists and other weapons to fight such as post signs and lead pipes. They have only 2 HP, but take away 1 if they punch or kick, but 2 when using a melee weapon. 2
Nerds Nerd Bully Nerds are one of the five  school cliques and they basically just punch or kick. They only have 2 HP like the Greasers and are one of the easiest enemies to defeat. They also take away 1 HP from the player when they attack. 2
Jocks Jock Bully Jocks are again, one of the five school cliques are who really good at sports. Jocks this time have 3 HP and punch and kick as their attack. They also run pretty fast too, and they only take away 3 HP from the player if they attack. 3
Preps Prep Bully Preps are also one of the five school cliques and are spoiled rich kids. They have 2 HP as they again, punch and kick to attack. When one attacks, they only take away 2 HP from the player. 2
Bullies Bully Bully Bullies are one of the five school cliques and are bullies who like to pick on other kids. Like the Jocks, they are strong and have powerful punches and kicks. They as well have 3 HP and take away 3 HP from the player when one attacks, 3
Townies Townie Bully Townies are one of the cliques, but are teenagers who are either native to Bullworth and don't attend the Academy, or were once students of the Academy, but are now dropouts. They have 3 HP as when they attack by punching or kicking, they take away 3 HP from the player. 3
Art theft, its no good kids Art Thief N/A Art Thieves are basically thieves who steal art. They can attack using their fighting skills which take away 2 HP away from the player when one attacks, and they also have 3 HP. 3


These Hats can be either collected throughout the entire game, or be bought at stores.

Image Name Series
Head Warmer Head Warmer Team Fortress 2
Old Guadalajara Old Guadalajara Team Fortress 2
K-9 Mane Demoman K-9 Mane Team Fortress 2
Ye Olde Baker Boy Ye Olde Baker Boy Team Fortress 2
Tyrant's Helm Tyrant's Helmet Team Fortress 2
Team Captain Team Captain Team Fortress 2
Idiot Box Idiot Box Team Fortress 2
Birdcage Birdcage Team Fortress 2
Master's Yellow Master's Yellow Team Fortress 2
German Gonzila German Gonzila Team Fortress 2
Berliner's Bucket Helm Berliner's Bucket Helmet Team Fortress 2
Combat Medic's Crusher Cap Combat Medic's Crusher Cap Team Fortress 2
Respectless Rubber Glove Respectless Rubber Glove Team Fortress 2
Swagman's Swatter Swagman's Swatter Team Fortress 2
RED Flamingo Kid Flamingo Kid Team Fortress 2
Frenchman's Beret Frenchman's Beret Team Fortress 2
Geisha Boy Geisha Boy Team Fortress 2
Stealth Steeler Stealth Steeler Team Fortress 2
Holiday Headcase Holiday Headcase Team Fortress 2
Gifting Man From Gifting Land Gifting Man from Gifting Land Team Fortress 2
Backbiter's Billycock Backbiter's Billycock Team Fortress 2
Hat of Cards Hat of Cards Team Fortress 2
Mann Co. Cap Mann Co. Cap Team Fortress 2
Spiral Sallet Spiral Sallet Team Fortress 2
Cold Killer Cold Killer Team Fortress 2
Sergeant's Drill Hat Sergeant's Drill Hat Team Fortress 2
Ol' Geezer Ol' Geezer Team Fortress 2
Little Buddy Little Buddy Team Fortress 2
Lucky Shot Lucky Shot Team Fortress 2
Furious Fukaamigasa Furious Fukaamigasa Team Fortress 2
Horrific Headsplitter Horrific Headsplitter Team Fortress 2
Wiki Cap Wiki Cap Team Fortress 2
Bill's Hat Bill's Hat Team Fortress 2 (Reference to Left 4 Dead)
Alien Swarm Parasite Alien Swarm Parasite Team Fortress 2
L'Inspecteur L'Inspecteur Team Fortress 2
Tin-1000 Tin-1000 Team Fortress 2
Philateler Philateler Team Fortress 2
Party Hat Party Hat Team Fortress 2
World Traveler's Hat World Traveler's Hat Team Fortress 2
Defiant Spartan Defiant Spartan Team Fortress 2
Exquisite Rack Exquisite Hat Team Fortress 2
Familiar Fez Familiar Fez Team Fortress 2
Tippler's Tricorne Tippler's Tricorne Team Fortress 2
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Team Fortress 2
Robot Running Man Robot Running Man Team Fortress 2
Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat Team Fortress 2
Stout Shako Stout Shako Team Fortress 2
Lumbricus Lid Helmet Lumbricus Lid Helmet Team Fortress 2
Big Elfin Deal Big Elfin' Deal Team Fortress 2


  • A hidden golden statue of the user Spark01 is located inside of Princess Bubblegum's Castle as the message on the statue says "To our beloved fan". This is a reference to Sprak being such a big Adventure Time fan.