This game is the last of the series chronologically. There will undoubtedly be more Fantendo Smash Bros. Games, however they are all set before Final Smash Bros. Template:F3

This game is the climax the Fantendo Super Smash Bros series. Virtually anyone can edit this- just add a new section at the bottom that tells your favorite character's final Super Smash Bros. adventure. There is one "mode" for each character (i.e. if you like Mario a lot, add a section entitled "Mario's Final Smash" and add the storyline of Mario Mode. If you don't understand, please tell me. The game will be fully completed by the time F3 ends.

Final Smash Bros. Rainbow Road is an upcoming Super Smash Bros. game. It is chronologically the last game in the Beyond Super Smash Bros. series. It tells the tale of each combatant's last journey through the Smash Bros. World and is very nostalgic.

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