Final Slamtasy I: Order of Slam Dunk, known simply as Final Slamtasy in North America, is a basketball-based sports/RPG/bullethell hybrid made by SLAM ENIX for PC, 3DS, Xbox One, Wii U, PS4, and The R-Evolver



Suramu Ikago is a young Neo New Yorker who wants to hone his B-Ball skills and become a Slam Knight of the Order of Slam Dunk. In order to do so he travels out to the Great Barkley Memorial Tournament and meets other B-Ballers who join his team along the way.


Name Role in Battle Signature Items Skills
Sumaru Ikago
A young B-Baller who has always dreamed of entering the noble Order of The Slam. After training for many years, he finally sets off to fulfill his destiny.

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