Final Slamtasy is a top-down RPG 15-part saga following Suramu Ikago on is journey to join the Order of the Slam Dunk,and later to defeat Mals and bring balance to the Jam Stream. It was made by Slam Enix


Name Bio Signature Items Skills
Suramu Ikago A young novice B-Baller who wants to join the Order of the Slam, he is 1/4 of the reincarnation of the original Slam Deity.
  • A+-Ball
  • Shunt Glove
  • Tornado Slam
  • Chaos Dunk
  • Magnus Effect
  • Nuclear Shadow Chaos Magnus Dunk EX


Slamu Chon

A cocky female Independent B-Baller, she wants to become best on the pro circuit, she is 1/4 of the reincarnation of the original Slam Deity.
  • Advanced Physics Ball
  • Bandage Gloves
  • Red Arrow Slam
  • Board-Breaker
  • B-Ball Piledriver
Ukato Dunkulus Son of the famous Bob Dunkulus, he's a young slamomancer who wants to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and find out about his missing father.
  • Crystal B-Ball
  • Basic Tome
  • Slamgic Missle
  • Zero-G Triple Slam
  • Slamorale
Point-Guard MK26 A robot made to slam, he wishes to become a real boy and be able to jam.
  • Techno-Ball MK1006
  • Tin Hands
  • Pinpoint Slam
  • Orbital Slam
  • Ball Counter


Suramu Ikago goes on a quest to join the Order of the Slam and restore peace to the world with the help of a punk, a wizard, and a robot.


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