Final Shogun
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Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Story, Mission
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2-D platformer/Puzzle
Series Final Shogun
Predecessor None
Successor Final Shogun 2
Media Included Wii U disk
 Final Shogun is a game based on Samurai Sam, a game on Miniclip. The only relation is the gameplay style.  The gameplay is much like your average 2-D platformer. You can move, jump and the character, Amusari, can also attack with his sword, wall jump and even more with upgrades. Each level has certain puzzles in it.


The plot is very simple. Amusari has to defend his home against the evil Dark Shogun. To do that, he has to travel through eight worlds, each having four levels, including the boss level.


  • Amusari
  • Dark Shogun
  • Elegon
  • Bosses


Blossom Village

Amusari's hometown. A great world 1 that gets you used to the gameplay.

Mountainious Heights

A platform heavy world. Makes great use of the double jump.

Shadowed Forest

Lots of shadowed areas to make it hard to see where you are. First levels to have invasion sections.

Crystal Isles

The water world of this game. Only world to have swimming levels.

Frozen Tundra

The ice world of this game. Has, in some levels, icy winds that can blow you into hazards.

Sunken Marshes

The puzzle world with mazes and mind-bending tricks. Has certain sections where you can sink into marshes.

Gale Hills

A very fast paced world. Use air currents to glide around.

Shogun's Castle

The final world. Lots of lava and dangerous areas.


In each world, there is 1 boss, except in Shogun's Castle, where there are 3. It takes 8 hits to kill them, except for the final boss in Shogun's Castle, where it takes 12.

Blossom Village Boss: Blossomer

Blossomer is a giant shadowy creature surrounded blossom leaves. It takes 4 hits to remove the leaves, then revealing the creature beneath. He then gets faster.

Mountainious Heights Boss: Chipper

Chipper is a giant rock monster holding a pickaxe. Hit him four times and he drops the pickaxe and he starts attacking the mountain with his bare hands. If he hits the floor enough times, it breaks and you lose a life.

Shadowed Forest Boss: Trunker

Trunker is a giant tree trunk with red eyes. After hitting him 4 times, he loses his leaves, and gets faster.

Crystal Isles Boss: Inker

Inker is a giant squid, and the battle takes place underwater. To damage him, you have to cut off his tentacles the hit him in the face. After four hits, he starts spewing out ink to slow you down.

Frozen Tundra Boss: King Chillier

Chillerine is a sphere of ice with blue eyes and a crown. To damage him, knock off his crown and he'll try to charge into you. Dodge him and he'll run into a wall. After doing this 4 times, he will get better traction.

Sunken Marshes Boss: Swampster

Swampster is a monster that is covered in swamp water. To damage him, you have to jump on his head and hit him with your sword. After 4 hits, he will try to shake you off.

Gale Hills Boss: Tempest

Tempest is an invisible shadow being that has hurrikinesis (power to control wind). He can attack you with small tornados and can even blow you off the stage. To hit him, you have to hit 2 levers to show him. Then he'll stop and you can hit him. After 4 hits, he starts turning off levers and moves faster.

Shogun's Castle Boss 1: Escorpio

Escorpio is a shadow scorpion that tries to attack you with his 2 pincers and claws. To hit him, you have to defend his attacks, the he will release a huge energy beam. Dodge it then attack.

Shogun's Castle Boss 2: Elegon

Elegon is the Dark Shogun's dragon. Elegon will spit fire, shoot out electricity, shake the ground which will stun you and summon hurricanes. To hit him, he will some times swoop down. Attack him when he swoops down. After 4 hits, he does some of his attacks 2 at once.

Final Boss: Dark Shogun

Dark Shogun is the last boss. He is only avaliable after getting all the upgrades. He has many attacks. He can use an attack like Fox Illusion and Falco Phantasm from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, release energy waves, do a sword uppercut and copy your own upgrade attacks. To damage him you can only hit him from behind.


There are 5 upgrades in the game.

Upgrade's name Where to find the upgrade What the upgrade does
Water Blade In Mountanious Heights-4, you can break through a certain part of the floor. Underneath this, you can find this upgrade. A blade of water comes out from your sword, and until it reaches the end of the screen or a wall, it will not stop.
Fire Slash In Crystal Isles-3, you can swim down into what looks like a whirlpoolBefore going into the bottom of the whirlpool, you get the upgrade.  You run across the screen, while your blade is on fire, doubling your speed and killing all enemies in your path.
Air Spin In Sunken Marshes-2, you can climb up the vines and on one canopy, you can find this upgrade. It allows you to do a triple jump that is great for horizontal platforming.
Earth Break In Shogun's Castle-1, by finding a key in all the worlds, you can open a door. In the room, that is where the last upgrade is. This does an extra strong hit, that does 2x damage than usual.
Hyper Dawn After getting four upgrades, you get this. A giant blast comes out of your sword, killing every enemy in the radius. This move will need to recharge.


  • Amusari is a anagram of Samurai.
  • According to Cyclone Games' ICD (Interactive and Creative Director), Mixxmasta, Amusari and Elegon are going to be the only characters to last through the whole series, from the first game, to the last.