Final Fantasymon
Developer(s) Seer
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Disc

Final Fantasymon is a crossover between Final Fantasy and Pokemon.


will never be done TBA


It uses the gameplay of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy III, where each turn all actions are selected, and once finished all characters and enemies on the field perform their selected actions in an order determined by their Speed. A battle is won when all enemies are defeated, and lost when all allies are defeated. You can have 5 characters battling at once.


  • Health Points (HP): When depleted, a character is defeated.
  • Mana Points (MP): Exclusive to human characters, it is used to cast Magic. Spells cannot be used if the character does not have sufficient MP.
  • Attack (ATK)/Magic (MAG: Increases the HP damage done to enemies.
  • Defense (DEF)/Magic Defense (MD): Decreases the HP damage taken from enemies.
  • Speed (SPD): Determines when in the turn a character perfoms an action.


Wild monsters can be caught with Pokeballs and used in a way similar to summons in Final Fantasy X. Using the "Pokemon" command, you can select one of 3 pokemon equipped to the character, and send it out to battle. It can use various attacks, but can only have 4 at a time, along with the basic Attack and Items command.


Name+Image Info Base Stats
Chocobo 2
  • FantasyDex: The Golden Bird Pokemon, Chocobos reside in many areas of the world. These are very adaptable creatures with swift agility that humans commonly use for transportation.
  • Types: Normal
  • Areas: TBA
  • Abilities: Run Away (Instantly escape a wild battle), Pickup (Occasionally picks up items), Levitate* (Immune to ground type attacks)
  • Evolutions: Flocobo (Level up with Sharp Beak equipped), Sokobo (Level up with Mystic Water equipped), Zoocobo (Level up with Quick Claw equipped),
  • HP: 50
  • Atk: 55
  • Def: 45
  • Mag: 30
  • MD: 35
  • Spd: 50
  • Total: 265
  • FantasyDex: The Cactus Wanderer Pokemon, extremely swift and therefore extremely difficult to research. Has been seen to use it's needles to attack.
  • Types: Ground, Grass
  • Areas:TBA
  • Abilities: Superswift** (Enemy attacks only have 1/4 accuracy, and this pokemon gains +1 priority automatically)
  • Evolutions: Gigantuar (Level 50 or higher, and level up with a King's Rock equipped)
  • HP: 10
  • Atk: 90
  • Def: 10
  • Mag: 90
  • MD: 10
  • Spd: 90
  • Total: 300
  • FantasyDex: The Mustache Cash Stash Pokemon It has the appearance of a normal Cactuar, but much taller and with a fabulous mustache.
  • Types: Ground, Grass
  • Areas:TBA
  • Abilities: Water Absorb (Absorbs Water type attacks as HP), Sturdy (If the pokemon has full HP, it cannot faint in one hit),
  • Evolutions: None, Evolves from Cactuar
  • HP: 50
  • Atk: 150
  • Def: 50
  • Mag: 150
  • MD: 50
  • Spd: 150
  • Total: 600
  • FantasyDex: TBA
  • Types: Fairy, Dark
  • Areas: TBA
  • Abilities: Levitate, Technician (Any moves with 60 or less power gains a power boost)
  • HP: 70
  • Atk: 60
  • Def:85
  • Mag: 75
  • MD: 90
  • Spd: 100
  • Total: 480

*Hidden Ability **New Ability

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