Final Fantasy XVII
Developer(s) Square-Enix
Publisher(s) Square-Enix
Platform(s) PC


Release Date(s)
Q1 2015 (PC)

Q2 2015 (Steam)

Story (Offline)

Collosseum (Online)
Festival of the Hunt (Either)
Tetra Master (Online)

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Role-Playing Game
Series Final Fantasy
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Media Included Disc (PC)

Downloadable (Steam)

Final Fantasy XVII  is the 19th main game in the Final Fantasy franchise, and is created by Seer (tbc)


The game utilizes ATB, in which all characters and enemies have a gauge (though for enemies it is hidden) that gradually increases and when full commands can be input for that character. Haste, Slow, and Stop statuses double, halve, or stop the speed of the ATB gauge.

Each character has a unique class and skills that usually are learned through level up, with some exceptions (i.e. the currently unnamed summoner needs to get gemstones to open portals to gain summons). Some classes share some few abilities (i.e. Lyndon shares some white magic skills with Sara and the thunder line of spells with Terese)

Equipping certain armors (shield, body, head, and relics) and weapons will gradually teach a character Misc. Abilities which are gained when a skill gains a certain amount of Ability Points. These abilities can be learned by anyone who can equip them. These generally include basic healing and attacking spells, but none of the abilities are as strong as class abilities. There are also innate abilities to aid in battle.

Each character also has a unique ability:

Ability Descr. Effect
Divine Retribution A blessing that gives Lyndon strength when weak. Lyndon gives +3% damage for every 5% damage he has. He also gains another +5% damage if he has a status effect inflicted. The increase can be upgraded to +5% and +7% respectively.
Dragon Points Kill dragon enemies to increase DP bar to use for abilities. Killing dragon enemies will earn Dragoon Experience, and every 100 DXP will gain Gerald 5 DP which he can use for Dragon command abilities. His starting amount is 20, and can be restored the same way as MP for the same amount. Misc. Abilities still require MP. Can be upgraded to reduce the required amount to 75 DXP.
Focus/Prayer Focus: Focus mind and use more MP to increase Black Magic effectiveness.

Prayer: Pray and use more MP to increase White Magic effectiveness.

Pressing the E key instead of the Z key will double the spell's effectiveness or have an added effect, but will use 50% more MP. It can be upgraded to use only 25% more MP.
Vanish Vanish to evade attacks at the cost of MP. Using the E key, Twila uses 2 MP to cast the Vanish status on herself for 2 turns. Must be repeated to continue effect. Can be upgraded to last 4 turns.
Dualcast Cast two spells at once. Using the E key, Raleigh can cast 2 spells at once, if he has the MP for both. However, they only have 70% of the effectiveness. It can be upgraded to have 90% of the effectiveness.


Chatper 1: Distant
The story fades in as Lyndon is with Raleigh outside an airship. The prince asks his brother that he is able to go, and his training is enough for him to be ready. Raleigh trusts him, and has Gerald to be in Lyndon's group. The three then board the airship.

Sara, is she fine?... No, she must be if she sent the radio signal not too long ago. She does practice white magic, so she can heal herself and her knights... hopefully she can send more signals so we can find out what's happening in the southern region.

The scene cuts to the world map, showing the airship traveling southward leaving a castle near mountains, in Flowermoore territory. It cuts to a castle in the desert, known as Norborough.
Raleigh explains to Lyndon that several small groups will go to Norborough while the main army goes straight in. Lyndon and Gerald go through some woods and then there's a house. tbc

Chapter 2: Seperated
Chapter 3: Stranded
Chapter 4: Assault
Chapter 5: Crystals
Chapter 6: Revival


Chapter 1

Name Age Class Weapon Unique Ability
Lyndon 25 Paladin Claymores Divine Retribution
Gerald 28 Dragoon Lances Dragon Points
Terese 23 Black Mage Rods Focus
Sara 22 White Mage Staves Prayer
Twyla 26 Ninja Kunai Vanish
Raleigh 28 Red Mage Short Sword Dualcast
Isidor 25 Thief Knives TBA

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6