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Terra malheur

Final Fantasy VI Phantasia: The Movie
Director Yuzuko Malheur
Producer(s) Yuzuko Malheur
Studio(s) Square Enix

Namco Tales Studio

Distributor(s) Paramount Pictures (International)
Genre(s) Action RPG
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Home Edition Release Date(s)
February 12, 2017
Age Rating(s)
PG - 13
Runtime 210 minutes
Series The Tales Series

Final Fantasy Series

Prequel(s) Final Fantasy VI Phantasia: Radio Edition
Final Fantasy VI Phantasia: The Movie is a movie of Final Fantasy VI Phantasia: The Animation's Episodes merged together to create the movie With the exception of the Opening and Ending credits. 


Character Japanese English
Terra Branford Yūko Kaida Kirsty Pape
Locke Cole Shizuma Hodoshima Yuri Lowenthal
Edgar Roni Figaro Kōichi Yamadera Liam O'Brien
Sabin Rene Figaro Hiroya Ishimaru Taliesin Jaffe
Cyan Garamonde Norio Wakamoto Lee Everest
Gau Rie Kugimiya Megan Harvey
Celes Chere Noriko Shitaya Daniella Macey
Setzer Gabbiani Ryō Horikawa Sam Reigal
Shadow Takeshi Kaga Anthony Landor
Character Japanese English
Cress Albane Takeshi Kusao Johnny Yong Bosch
Mint Adenade Junko Iwao Mia Bradly
Chester Burklight Kentarou Itou David Vincent
Claus F. Lester Kazuhiko Inoue Jack Bauer
Arche Klein Mika Kanai

Jennifer Sekiguchi

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