Below is the list of soundtracks for the game, Final Fantasy: A New Ray of Light. Note that this is still under development stage.

Opening Theme: 769 - Budreriel, The Shadow World

Title Screen Theme: A New Ray of Light

Load/Save Screen Theme: Records of Budreriel - 769 MC

Prologue Theme: A Disastrous Prelude

True Ending/Good Ending/Normal Ending Theme: A Peaceful Epilogue

Bad Ending/Worst Ending Theme: Beginning of the End

World Map Theme: Budreriel

Town Theme: Town

Dungeon Theme: A Dungeon

Dungeons of Final Chapter Theme: Till The End!

Random Encounter Battle Theme: Battle!

Victory Theme: Win!

Defeat Theme: Lose...

Game Over Theme: Signs of Defeat

Boss Battle Theme: Boss Battle!

Eidolon Battle Theme: Eidolon Battle!

Battle Theme against Lucas, Sword Fragarach Master: Fragarach Master Lucas Battle!

Battle Theme against Rod Fragarach Master, Rhiannon: Fragarach Master Rhiannon Battle!

Battle Theme against Ax Fragarach Master, Eldon: Fragarach Master Eldon Battle!

Battle Theme against Harp Fragarach Master, Medoute: Fragarach Master Medoute Battle!

Battle Theme against Emperor Phaeron and Empress Kamra: Phaeron and Kamra Battle!

Battle Theme against Phaeron, The Blazing Dragon: Phaeron, The Blazing Dragon Battle!

Battle Theme against Twin Angels Asmodeus and Mariana and Final Battle Theme against Evil God Asteus: Asmodeus and Mariana Battle! / God of Evil Asteus Battle!

Run! Scene Theme: Run for Your Lives!

Funny Scene Theme: Uh... What?

Sad Scene Theme: Light

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