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An absurdly old crackpot scientist is messing around for no reason whatsoever, combining generic potions hoping to create an explosion. He does, but it's incredibly small. Eager to be annoying, the scientist stomps around ridiculously, causing a vial to drop onto his artificial beings in tanks, prompting an explosion. The scientist cheers, satisfied, until he's knocked out by a silent assasin.

The Jammers are enjoying a midday drink and meal when someone sits besides them. They look over and Dark is knocked out by the hooded attacker. Without their suits the team struggles, but eventually are able to take out the attacker. They remove his hood and find that it is nobody they know, with Brandon mocking the anticlimactic turnout. Dark wakes up as they ponder who attacked them. Sam turns on the TV and they find a bank being attacked by similar hooded foes. Dark suits up and races off, with the others following him.


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