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  • While Samus is listed three times in starter characters, she is only one character.
  • Samus' Zero Suits are different colors except for the last one, which is a complete ninja outfit.
  • Samus' Justin Bailey Suits include a school girl outfit, a red bikini, a blue bikini, a black bikini, the original green haired leotard, and Noel Vermillion's outfit.
  • If a skeleton kills a creeper, you will get a music disk.
  • If you get Gangsta Kermit to shoot the normal Kermit, Kermit will run away.
  • You can distract a storm trooper and make their aim even worse by making Samus wear the Justin Bailey suit.
  • Ned Flanders has the best super move in the game.
  • Hot Dog is the most rounded character.
  • After defeating Chris Bores, a pop-up box will ask if you really want to unlock Chris Bores. You can unlock him anytime after saying no and going into options.
  • Goomba can be stomped. This will one-hit kill him.
  • The Kermit Mafia has never been created by Cloverfield, but the idea was inspired by him.
  • There can actually be a total of 48 characters at once if all players are playing Xenomorph.
  • Dunsparce can actually pick up enemies too.
  • All Titan characters can use Zelflux if his core gets corrupted.
  • Rosalina can control the stars in the Space stage.
  • Rosalina has a Zero Suit, a school girl outfit, a black dress, a red dress, and a blue bikini. A suit where just the lumas are covering her can be unlocked.
  • Finn has the yellow sweater, the pink sweater, a dark Finn costume, and his crystal form as costumes.
  • Homer can charge his super by eating a doughnut.
  • Ned Flanders can charge his super by reading from the bible.
  • Chris Bores has no winning screen. Whover was fighting against him will win instead.
  • If Mordecai and Rigby are on a team, they will scream "YEAAAAAAH!" once they win and Benson will tell them to get back to work.
  • Beetleworx Abomination is the only character who doesn't have a set-in stone moveset.
  • Medusa and Palutena each have each other's outfits.
  • Medusa's outfits consist of a black dress, Black Widow's clothes, Palutena's dress, and a black bikini.
  • Palutena's outfits consist of a white wedding dress, Tifa Lockheart's outfit, Medusa's dress, a "I Heart Pit" shirt, and a white bikini.
  • Metal Mario's outfits are based off metals and rust. He has a shiny chrome plate, Iron Man outfit, a rusted outfit, and a gold outfit.
  • Fennel was originally supposed to be in the game, but there wasn't any idea for a moveset for her.
  • If Homer eats a Krispy Kreme Doughnut, he will shout "Wahoo!"
  • Homer has a Peter Griffin coustume, his fat man coustume, his work coustume, Radioactive Man coustume, and a color scheme that resembles Flanders.
  • Wreck It Ralph has color schemes similar to Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Eario as his costumes.
  • The Irate Gamer is the only character that is not required to play as to unlock anything.
  • Super Sonic was considered being a character at one time, but was moved to Sonic's super.
  • At one point, UberHaxorNova was supposed to appear as a playable character but was pushed down to assist.
  • T0M.V.12 did the art for the Justin Bailey Suit Samus.
  • Glitch characters like Missingo and M were supposed to appear, but were pushed back to the sequel.
  • At one point, there were going to be four variations of Samus: Normal, Zero Suit, Justin Bailey, and Bikini. Bikini was scrapped as most of the Justin Bailey suits are bikinis anyway.
  • Fionna and Cake were going to be playable, but were pushed back to assist.
  • Marceline was a fan suggestion.
  • The Irate Gamer has only one costume, and that's Evil Bores.
  • This is Sorastitch's most worked on game to date.
  • A sequel is planned, with glitches as the villains.
  • Thanos is said to appear in the sequel.
  • The Avengers Theme is the theme for the game.
  • Most of this isn't trivia.
  • If Sonic eats 30 doughnuts without moving a lot, he will grow fatter and have a heart attack. This is a reference to Sonic 2 XL.
  • Deadpool was supposed to be unlockable at one point.
  • If Reptflux dies, his core will go out completely.

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