Fighters of Justice (working title) is an upcoming fighting game released for the PC. Unlike many smash games published by Fantendo, it follows the standard Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter fighting game engine. It is also inspired by games such as Injustice, and features a cast of original Superheroes and villains battling it out.


Character Bio

Sam Andrews was once a normal explorer until on a lone expedition he found the legendary Laser Armor, hailing from a race of now-extinct aliens who once declared war on Earth. Despite the suit's dangerous powers, Sam uses the armor to make the world a better place as the hero Laserman. The armor gives him enhanced strength and speed, as well as the ability to shoot laser blasts from his gauntlets and visor. 

This character is a Hero.

Blackhardt FOJ

Kellsközzer is A demon sent to earth with a mission of causing suffering upon humans, going under the alias of Blackhardt. Despite this, he usually ends up fighting against the people who are slightly more evil than him, despite his malicious intentions. He is stronger than the average human, and he also wields a scythe as well as the ability to throw human souls like projectiles. 

This character is an Anti-Hero.

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