Fighters of Destiny is a Fantendo crossover fighting game for the Wii U made by SuperSonicDarkness (tbc) and DohIMissed (tbc) of The King's Legion.


The gameplay is similar to some of the Dragon Ball Z fighting games, where the combat is 3D and the stages are much larger. Fighters have a set of several moves and combos like most traditional fighting games, but have one default super move that can be used by filling a meter, as well as one additional super move that can be unlocked by using the first super move a certain amount of times.



The story starts when a mysterious entity starts attacking the Fantendoverse by deleting, spamming and trolling the different places and people within it. Unten, the protagonist of the game, starts noticing mysterious creatures that corrupt everything they touch, messing codes of objects found in the environment. Unten attacks it, making it disappear, but as he looks forward there are a lot of them. Unten, as he fights against these mysterious enemies, goes to find help from other heroes in the Fantendoverse to stop these creatures and figure out what is behind them and the disappearance and corruption of everything.

Starting Characters

Character Description Series
Unten is the usual balanced character, attacking using electric attacks, and moves pretty quickly around the stage. He can also get help from his friend Fanti or use his suit from Underground.  Fissure Trilogy
Unten's ally, Zerita is one of the more faster characters, and can climb steep surfaces using her claws as well as using them to slash at opponents.  Fissure Trilogy
Mika Sho FJR
Mika Sho
Mika Sho, similarly to Unten, is quite a balanced character using powerful fire moves for her attacks.  The Adventures of Mika Sho
A mysterious cyborg, Data has a robotic arm which he uses to transform into many weapons, but his main one is an arm cannon.  KODE KID
Alice Harumi
Alice is the master of spring, and thus uses spring-like moves to attack. She has a bit of a graceful and floaty fighting style, and her powers are quite varied.  Master of Four Seasons
Bombell FRL
Bombell is quite an interesting character, who utulizes scare tactics, bomblobs, and can even blow himself up! Sure it might SEEM like a counter-productive method of attack, but....yeah actually it is quite counter-productive.  Bombell
Fuchsia is a test subject for the Arachandroid experiment. She doesn't do much damage on her own, and relies on the Arachandroid to attack.  Cell Split
Jake is a skilled hacker as well as being a computer program himself. Coincience? I THINK NOT! He uses hacking and computer programs to fight.  HACKED
Reptflux is a titanic...uh, titan and is one of the strongest characters in the game. He can shoot lasers out of his eye and uses his size as a great advantage.  Fighters of Lapis
White by Doh
White is a weapons master, using his various weapons from his games such as his iconic Boomstick. He also can use fire in his attacks.  The Adventures of White
White's ally, Blue plays similarly to White and uses the element of earth in his attacks. Additionally, he can use his scythe weapon.  The Adventures of White
240px-Danni Black Gloves
Danni is an angel that has the powers of unlimited flight. He can also command the Forces of Nature and use his Flarebringer. The Legend of Cielo
General Scotch
General Scotch is not a very skilled character, but he can use a small yet sharpy sword to fight, as well as command dogs to attack for him. General Scotch is also able to use his helmet's spike to attack. General's Journey
Sketch is a boy who uses his Soul-Brush as a weapon to fight, using paint in different ways to attack through his moves. Paintverse
LeahNeedlenam Colored
Leah Needlenam
A slightly deranged doctor, Leah Needlenam uses hospital equipment such as needles and suringes to fight. She also can perform weird medical experiments on characters.  Exoverse
A grumpy blob with a tendency to hate everything, he can fly and he also wields a cork gun to fight. Fandro RPG

Unlockable Characters

Unlocking Criteria

Super Moves

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