Fighters ManiaX
Developer(s) Morandal Games
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco
Platform(s) PS4, Xbox One, Steam
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting

"The Dark Souls of Fighting Games"

Fighters ManiaX is a fighting game by Morandal Games. It has become known as the "Dark Souls of Fighting Games" due to it's deadly pack of SNK Bosses, and the deadly challenges that have no room for mistakes.


Mode Name Description
Classic Fight against other Characters!
Story View stories of the Characters and how they took on the Legends.
Hardcore Fight five random opponents, and your lives never regenerate. (Pit-Fighter on SNES)
Boss Rush Fight all of the SNK Bosses. If you lose all 5 lives, it's over! After you beat that, you can move on to the Hardcore version.
Score Attack Take on 30 challenges where the higher the challenge, the more harder it gets. After you beat the normal ones you can move on to the hardcore version, where enemies gain damage buffs instead of speed buffs.
3-Hit You get hit three times, you're done. There's only one fight, though with each playthrough.
Cruel Fight 3 opponents without your HP regenerating! You get 200% HP.
Inhibited Fight an opponent with special moves disabled. Only button mashing! (does not apply to opponent)




Boss Name Description SNK Boss Powers
Glavenor The legendary Paladin who went on to beat the legends. Has 3 times the HP of a opponent.
Freya The powerful succubus who is capable of controlling her enemy She can mind-control the player, inverting their movement and making them unable to attack. She does this once every 1 minute, and lasts up to 9 seconds.
Four Titans The four titans who are capable of working as a wolfpack (Based of Four Kings from Dark Souls) The Titans have 1/2 HP, and after 30 seconds another spawns.
Glaciann The powerful ice princess of the kingdom of Hermes. She can turn part of the snow floor into spikes (which chops the players half of the HP but can also do this to her)
Robo-Atomblade The android that aims to win the battlefields His knockout is replaced with a robotic explosion which chops 50% of the player's hp. It's a draw if the suicide knockouts the player.
Demonking The demon king that aims to take over the world You're on a time limit. If he is not defeated after 1 minute, he unleashes a finishing move that knockouts the player in one hit, regardless at max or not.

Hardcore Legends

Boss Name Hardcore SNK Boss Powers
Legendary Glavenor Has 5x opponent HP
Nightmare Freya Can mind-control once every 30 seconds, and does it for 15 seconds.
Four Legends The Legends have 1/2 HP, but after every 15 seconds another spawns.
Zero-Glaciann The spikes she summons knockouts the player in one hit, but does 50% max HP to her.
Robo-AtomKiller His suicide attack after he gets knockout now does 75% of max HP.
Arch Demonking Time limit is now 30 seconds.


Achievement Description Rank
Just New Complete a round in Classic. Bronze
Story Reader Complete a story. Silver
Used Them All Use all characters in any mode. Silver
Legend Fighter Defeat a Legend. Bronze
Legend Buster Defeat all the Legends. Silver
Bomb-Proof Never get knocked out by Robo-Atomblade's suicide attack. Silver
Flying Fighter Never get hit by Glaciann's spike attack. Silver
Speed Fighter Defeat all of the Titans before another one of them summons Silver
Genius Fighter Defeat Freya without getting hit by her mind-control Silver
Just in Time Defeat Demonking by the time he does his Finishing Move* Gold
Hardcore Fighter Clear Hardcore Mode. Gold
Boss Buster Clear the Boss Rush. Silver
One-Man Army Clear the Boss Rush without losing a live.* Gold
Super Boss Buster Clear the Hardcore Boss Rush. Gold
Score Fighter Clear the Speed Score Attack. Silver
Prepare to Die, Not Clear the Damage Score Attack.* Gold
Dark Fighter Defeat the Four Titans when they are all summoned.* Gold
Pit Fighter Clear Cruel Mode.* Gold
Dodgy Fighter Clear 3-Hit Mode.* Gold
Inhibited Fighter Clear Inhibited Mode.* Gold
Legendary Fighter Get all achievements.


(*): This is an "That One Achievement" on TvTropes. Here's what it says under that trope.

  • Just in Time. You have to beat Demonking while he's using his Finishing Move. This can take some luck on his attack animation, and some trial and error knowing when he'll start on his animation.
  • One-Man Army. You have to clear the Boss Rush without losing a life. God help you if you lose a life by Robo-Atomblade's suicide attack.
  • Prepare to Die, Not. You have to clear the damage score attack. Also, the enemies gain damage buffs, and on the last challenges they can drain half of the player's health with a special, and some of them can one hit the player. Have fun.
  • Dark Fighter. This requires you to wait until all titans are summoned and then fight them. You are given very little room to fight and block their attacks. Have fun.
  • Pit Fighter. You have to gain victory in Cruel Mode. Good luck practicing your blocking and dodging skills so you can have enough HP for the next opponent.
  • Dodgy Fighter. You have to defeat one opponent where you only can be hit three times.
  • Inhibited Fighter. You have to defeat one opponent with special moves disabled. Only button mashing. Not just that, blocking is disabled but none of that applies to the opponent. It makes this a luck-based mission due to the fact that the opponent uses special attacks whenever he chooses to. Have fun.


Fighters ManiaX got mixed to positive reviews, although some criticized the harsh nature of the SNK Bosses.

GameFAQS Difficulty:

Tough: 67.35%

Unforgiving: 19.45%

Just Right: 10.2%

Easy: 3.5%

Simple: 0.5%


  • Glaciann's attack where she summons spikes is based off Polar Knight's one hit kill attack in Shovel Knight, except since this is a fighting game it can chop off her and her opponent's HP by half of a full bar. Can one hit players for the hardcore version of this attack.
  • On the Boss Rush, if a player were to defeat Robo-Atomblade and get defeated back by his suicide attack, the player will still win but will also lose a live. This is to prevent making Robo-Atomblade overpowered compared to the other SNK Bosses in the Boss Rush.
  • On TvTropes, it was the first game to be on the Nintendo Hard Trope page for Fighting Games. On it's main page, it says "It's the Dark Souls of Fighting Games, what did you expect?"

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