Fighter Hayabusa
The Pro Wrestler
Universe ProwrestlingsymbolPro Wrestling
Recent Game NES Pro Wrestling
Availability Starter
Final Smash Super Back Brain Kick/World Champion

Fighter Hayabusa makes his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Fighter Hayabusa comes from the Pro Wrestling series and utilizes many grappling and throwing moves. Fighter Hayabusa uses moves such as suplexes, lariats, and clotheslines to overpower his opponents an break their defenses. Fighter Hayabusa excels in both speed and power and can easily plow through opponents with his rush down, high risk movies.


Fighter Hayabusa utilizes high risk moves that produces large amounts of damage. While Fighter Hayabusa is both powerful and quick, his jump is rather weak but nothing compared to heavyweights such as Ganondorf or powerhouses such as Little Mac. Fighter Hayabusa delivers mostly grappling attacks as well as various throws, body slams, punches, and kicks. He can easily break through opponents guards and lay down the hurt on opponents. He is a literal storm of power and strength and can bulldoze over lightweight characters.

Fighter Hayabusa has a certain flair to some of his attacks but doesn't have any sort of gimmick like some of the other characters. He is a flat out powerhouse that utilizes grappling moves and throws to knock his opponents out of the ring. In addition, many of his attacks result in propelling himself forward thus allowing him to bridge gaps between himself and his opponent making his a fairly dangerous and powerful opponent to have to deal with.

How to Unlock


  • KO 6 opponents in Cruel Smash.
  • Play 200 VS. Matches
  • Clear Event 24 "Wrestling vs Boxing"

Fighter Hayabusa is fought on the stage "FWA Ring"


  • KO over 150 opponents in 3-Minute Smash.
  • Play 250 VS. Matches
  • Clear Event 41 "The Grappling Kings".

Fighter Hayabusa is fought on the stage "FWA Ring".


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Bell Slap 7% Fighter Hayabusa uses both hands to slap on either side of the head; knocking opponents away.
Forward Tilt Chokeslam 5% (choke) 6% (slam) Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent in a choke hold and them quickly slams them into the ground; acting like a weak throwing attack.
Up Tilt Jumping High Kick 12% A highly aimed kick that knocks opponents upwards.
Down Tilt Curb Stomp 5% (regular), 13% (on ground) Fighter Hayabusa stomps on the ground; dealing damage in front of him. It does more damage and spikes the opponents upwards if they are laying on the ground.
Dash Attack Spar 15% Fighter Hayabusa throws his weight into his dash; throwing himself forward and strike his neck and shoulder into the opponent. While very powerful, it causes ending lag as he has to stand back up after tumbling forward and will cause him to be vulnerable
Forward Smash Weapon Use 18% (charged chair), 14% (charged chair), 15% (charged guitar), 12% (uncharged guitar), 16% (charged folding table), 13% (uncharged folding table), 10% (charged trashcan), 7% (uncharged trashcan)Chokeslam Fighter Hayabusa grabs an item seemingly from thin air and smashes it forward into his opponent; dealing damage depending on the item. Each item has its own unique reach and damage output.
Up Smash Elbow Drop 25% (charged), 18% (uncharged) Fighter Hayabusa jumps up and then slams his elbow downwards. Spiking opponents up into the air. It pushes the wrestler slightly forward.
Down Smash Sleeper Choke 6% (hit charged), 4.4% (loop charged), 4% (hit uncharged), 2.4% (loop uncharged) Fighter Hayabusa puts the opponent into a sleeper choke which deals damage as he chokes them. It doesn't deal damage but it causes the opponent to fall to the ground.
Neutral Aerial Double Axe Handle 9% Fighter Hayabusa uses this attack by holding his hands together and swinging forward; slamming his fists into opponents for high knockback.
Forward Aerial Drop Kick 14% (clean), 6% (late) Fighter Hayabusa performs a drop kick that does high damage and knockback when it connects.
Back Aerial Diving Bulldog 4% (grab), 10% (impact) Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent in midair and crash down to the ground with the opponent. It can Hayabucide the player. Struggling can get one out of the attack.
Up Aerial Flip Kick 10% Does a flip kick and knocks opponents upwards. A rather clumsy and slow attack that has landing lag; especially if attempted with a short hop.
Down Aerial Leg Drop 10% Fighter Hayabusa slams his leg down onto the opponent; slamming them into the ground and then spiking them into the air.
Grab --- --- Fighter Hayabusa uses both hands and forces the head slightly down like a typical wrestling grab.
Pummel Elbow Drive 5% Slow but drives Fighter Hayabusa's elbow into the opponent.
Forward Throw Bulldog 12% Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent and jumps forward; slamming the opponent into the ground; spiking them up. It has slightly ending lag at Fighter Hayabusa has to stand back up. It can KO both characters if Fighter Hayabusa jumps over the ledge.
Back Throw Suplex 4%, 10% Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent and hoists them up. Hayabusa then falls backwards; slamming the opponent into the ground behind him.
Up Throw Power Bomb 14% Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent and lifts them high into the air and then slams them down head first. It spikes opponents up into the air.
Down Throw Back Breaker 7% Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent, lifts them into the air, and then slams the opponent down onto his knee; dealing damage. It doesn't deal knockback but it does elongated hitstun.
Floor Attack (front/back) Shoulder Bash 9% Drives his shoulder forward into the opponent; knocking them backwards.
Floor Attack (trip) Tripping Sweep 4.5% Fighter Hayabusa sweeps his leg forward; stripping anyone in front of him. It is fairly weak but will trip opponents.
Edge Attack Rolling Thunder 8% Fighter Hayabusa somersaults past the opponent and then pops up with a punch that sends opponents flying off the ledge.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Hold 5% (hold), Surfboard: 5.8% (loop), Nelson: 4.2% (loop), Camel Clutch: 4.8% (loop), Cloverleaf: 6% (loop) Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent and will hold them in place. Holding down the special button lengthens the attack. Pressing up while holding special will initiate the Surfboard which causes Fighter Hayabusa to lay down and press his feet into the opponent while holding them upwards. Holding down the special lengthens the attacks duration and damage output. Pressing back initiates the Nelson which causes Fighter Hayabusa will restrain the opponent and use the opponent as a shiled from attacks. It deals less damage but has less ending lag. Pressing forward causes Fighter Hayabusa to do the Camel Clutch where it lays th eopponet down and Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponents face and poses them back while he sits on them. It does good damage though has ending lag. Finally, pressing down special initiates the Cloverleaf which grabs the opponents legs and stretches them behind them;. It does the most damage but it is the slowest hold. All of the holds don't deal knockback but damage with elongated hitstun done to opponent under the effects afterwards.
Custom 1 Quick Hold 3% (hold), Surfboard: 3.8% (loop), Nelson: 2.2% (loop), Camel Clutch: 2.8% (loop), Cloverleaf: 4% (loop) Faster moves without much lag but deals significantly less damage with less time for attacks. Easy for opponents to struggle out of.
Custom 2 Powerhouse Hold 7% (hold), Surfboard: 6.8% (loop), Nelson: 5.2% (loop), Camel Clutch: 5.8% (loop), Cloverleaf: 7% (loop) Deals more damage but is slower. It ha significant lag to the attacks and can be punished out from them.
Side Special Bicycle Kick 6%, 8%, 10% Fighter Hayabusa propels himself forward; kicking tiwce. The first kick does hitstun and little damage while the second kick does a freeze frame which allows the last hit to kick which causes knockback. It is a very powerful kick though the attack itself has limited range despite initially propelling Fighter Hayabusa forward. It has good stopping power and very good priority though can easily be dodged. The last kick has the highest hitbox though doesn't benefit from the added damage.
Custom 1 Rising Bicycle Kick 4%, 12%, 6% Fighter Hayabusa propels himself upwards rather than forward resulting in vertical traveling distance. In addition, the first hit does less damage while the second hit does the most damage and knockback. It connects at lower percentages. The last hit comes out slower than the default and can hit opponents who were not connected to the previous hits.
Custom 2 Pivoting Bicycle Kick 5%, 7%, 9% Overall weaker but Fighter Habausa will turn around instead, delivering an attack behind him instead of front thus catching the opponent by surprise. It propels Fighter Hayabusa significantly less.
Up Special Leg Lariat 8% (hit), 15% (slam) Fighter Hayabusa jumps into the air and will slam both legs forward. If it catches an opponent, Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent and slams them down into the ground. It can cause a KO for both characters when off the stage. If he doesn't catch the opponent, he jumps in an arch and lands back down.
Custom 1 Meteoring Leg Lariat 4% (hit), 112% (slam) It does more damage but Fighter Hayabusa will not travel down to the bottom of the stage with the opponent; instead kicking them. It does a meteor or spike. It does have longer recovery distance and wider window for attacking.
Custom 2 Overpower Leg Lariat 12% (hit), 18% (slam) The attack does much more damage in both the first hit and slam though it travels less further and has a less of a window to connect the attack at the start.
Down Special Back Brain Kick Clean: 4% (leg), 7% (body), 14% (neck), 18% (head) Late: 2% (leg), 4% (body), 10% (neck), 14% (head) Fighter Hayabusa will dash forward with a dodge which can cause himself to bypass certain projectiles and attacks. He will then jump up after traveling the distance of a standard single roll, jump up, and deliver a powerful kick to the back of the head using both feet. It does the most damage when it hits the head rather than other parts of the body. The head constitutes for the top of the characters model but characters like Kirby and Jigglypuff are more at risk since they have a larger head hitbox.
Custom 1 Heavenly Brain Kick Clean: 5% (leg), 8% (body), 15% (neck), 18% (head) Late: 3% (leg), 5% (body), 11% (neck), 14% (head) Instead of kicking forward, Fighter Hayabusa kicks upwards; knocking opponents for more vertical knockback. It will also boost Fighter Hayabusa up just slightly. It deals the same damage as the default to the head but it does slightly increased damage to other parts of the body.
Custom 2 Stunning Brain Kick Clean (first): 2% (leg), 5% (body), 10% (neck), 14% (head) Late: 1% (leg), 2% (body), 7% (neck), 13% (head), Clean (second): 6% (leg), 8% (body), 16% (neck), 20% (head) Late: 4% (leg), 6% (body), 13% (neck), 18% (head) It does two hits, the first hit dealing less damage. A clean hit to the back of the neck will freeze the opponent thus allowing the second hit to connect which will launch opponents away. If it isn't clean to the back of the head, it will not allow the second hit to connect. It suffers from start up and ending lag.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Lariat 19% (clean), 12% (late) Fighter Hayabusa runs forward with his arm crooked. He slams it into the opponent; knocking effectively knocking them down at low percentages and spiking them at higher percentages. It has slow start up lag but less ending lag but only if the attack hits at the end of the attacks animation.
Custom 1 Burning Lariat 26% (clean), 16% (late blast) Fighter Hayabusa wraps his arm in flames as he runs forward. It does explosive damages upon connecting; knocking back opponents that are caught in the attack. It has very slow start up and ending lag thus a risky yet powerful move.
Custom 2 Flying Lariat 16% (clean), 10% (Late) Fighter Hayabusa jumps forward; slamming his arm into the opponent; spiking them upwards. It has similar attributes to the default but has more traveling distance. Fighter Hayabusa can Hayabucide with this attack so care is needed.
Side Special Piledriver 3.8% (grab), 10% (descent grabbed), 4% (outside), 23% (slam) Fighter Hayabusa grabs the opponent, jumps into the air, and then crashes back down. The grab does damage and the descent as well. It will also do damage to anyone nearby Fighter Hayabusa and the opponent during the descent as Fighter Hayabusa will spin rapidly. Fighrer Hayabusa will then slam the opponent down into the ground; damaging nearby opponents around him as well. It can cause the Hayabucide if Fighter Hayabusa goes over the ledge. It spikes opponents upwards.
Custom 1 Burying Piledriver 12% (descent grabbed), 8% (outside), 18% (slam) Less damaging and doesn't spiral but will push opponents down, causing both the grabbed and descending opponent to be buried into the ground.
Custom 2 Impacting Piledriver 3.8% (grab), 10% (descent grabbed), 4% (outside), 23% (slam) It does the same amount of damage but, instead, forces the opponent horizontally. It has slightly less ending lag.
Up Special Big Splash 15% (clean descent), 10% (late descent) 18% (clean impact), 14% (late impact) Fighter Hayabusa jumps high into the air and comes crashing down, body first down tot he ground. The initial lift doesn't deal damage but the descent and impact will deal damage; knocking opponents upwards with a clean hit and horizontally for a late hit.
Custom 1 Lifting Splash 10% (clean ascent), 6% (late ascent), 12% (clean descent), 9% (late descent) 14% (clean impact), 10% (late impact) The attack does less damage but it propels Fighter Hayabusa higher into the air. In addition, the jumping animation does additional damage and will deal hitstun and carries the opponent into the next portion of the attack.
Custom 2 Big Exploding Splash 26% (clean), 20% (late), 12% (Hayabusa) The attack does much more damage but will deal damage to Fighter Hayabusa whenever the attack connects to an opponent or the ground. The player can cancel out of the attack by pressing the special button during the arch and the initial descent of the attack but is locked in afterwards.
Down Special Turnbuckle 8% (knocked) Fighter Hayabusa erects the Turnbuckle. It can be used to climb and stand on top of by both Fighter Hayabusa and other opponents. It can also be knocked at opponents for damage. It can also be used as a weak shield from attacks.
Custom 1 Fortified Turnbuckle 0% It is much stronger and is unable to be launched. It can used to protect from attacks and stop movements.
Custom 2 Springing Tunrbuckle 4% Weaker version but willc ause anyone to bounce off of it into the air when they land on it. It will vanish when damaged.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Super Back Brain Kick 48% Fighter Hayabusa jumps up and kicks the opponent. It will not connect if its not done in the back behind the opponent. Once it connects, it zooms on the opponent an goes into slow mo. The attack does a freeze-frame type animation with a comical face on those caught in it. Time snaps back to normal and it launches anyone caught in the attack away. Due to the nature of the attack, it can only hit one opponent in most cases.
Final Smash 2 World Champion 55% Fighter Hayabusa dons on the World Champion belt which increases all of his stats, increase knockback resistance, and increases knockout. His attacks also have larger hitboxes compared to before.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Fighter Hayabusa points to the air and says "I will fight!" (Up)
  • Fighter Hayabusa flexes his muscles and goes "Oh yeah!" (Sounds similar to Macho Man Randy Savage's iconic quote) (Right)
  • Fighter Hayabusa motions for the opponent to "come here" with his hand. (Left)
  • Fighter Hayabusa points forward and says "Settle it in Smash." (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Fighter Hayabusa throws his hands into air and smiles.
  • Fighter Hayabusa flexes at the screen and says "yeah!"
  • Fighter Hayabusa points forward and says "You, pal!"

On Screen Appearance

  • Fighter Hayabusa appears from the ring ropes and climbs through them and then flexes. They then vanish.
  • Fighter Hayabusa appears with cameras flashing while holding up his arms.
  • Fighter Hayabusa comes soaring in from the top; landing onto the stage and then stands back up.

Victory Animations

Fighter Hayabusa is always seen with the Champion Belt on.

  • Fighter Hayabusa stands with the champion belt in his hand and says "A winner is you!".
  • Fighter Hayabusa laughs and flexes at the screen in various poses.
  • Fighter Hayabusa holds up his hands and motions as if to get an unknown audience to cheer for him.
  • Stands on the Turnbuckle and raises his hands in triumph.
  • Performs several kicks and then falls flat on his face. He tries to stand up but looks embarrassed.
  • Slams his fists on his chests and shouts.

Fan Cheer


Losing Animation

  • Fighter Hayabusa has bruises and band-aids and faces forward while clapping.
  • Fighter Hayabusa appears to be dizzy by rotating back and forth.
  • Appears to have fallen down and fainted.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of the first 10 seconds of the title song for Pro Wrestling.

Fighting Stance

Fighter Hayabusa is slightly hunched over with both arms out in a typical wrestling stance.

Idle Poses

  • Clenches his fists and shakes it.
  • Shouts but nothing is heard.
  • Cracks his neck to the right and to the left.
  • Stretches his arm slightly.

Misc Animations


One knee rests on the stage while his other knee is propped up.


Jumps up with his arms in the same position.


Rolls forward rather quickly and has more range than other rolls.


Slow walking speed. He walks forward with shoulders slightly raised and arms up. Kind of a shuffling walk.


A rather quick dash that has a slow start up. Runs full force forward while pumping his arms back and forth.


Lies on his chest with arms stretched out.


Trips and lands on his butt.


Balances on two feet and tries to swing himself back to the normal position.

Home-Run Bat

Swings the bat with both hands.

Star KO


Screen KO

Slams into the screen with arms and legs outstretched and a surprised look on his face.


Fighter Hayabusa's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Fighter Hayabusa

Unlock: Classic Mode

Fighter Hayabusa (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Fighter Hayabusa (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Champion Hayabusa

Unlock: Boss Battle


Singlet Hayabusa

Unlock: Boss Battle


Fighter Hayabusa (Piledriver)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Fighter Hayabusa (Turnbuckle)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Fighter Hayabusa (Red)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Fighter Hayabusa (Blue)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Fighter Hayabusa (Up)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Sumo Hayabusa

Unlock: Complete a Fighter Hayabusa Character Challenge

Super Back Brain Kick

Unlock: All Star Mode

World Champion

Unlock: Collect all of Fighter Hayabusa's trophies

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Default White Default coloration of Captain Toad. Starter
Red Red Color scheme based off of the Japanese flag but inverted. Fighter Hayabusa is from Japan. Starter
Yellow Yellow Color scheme based off of the wrestler, Giant Panther. Starter
Pink Pink Color scheme based off from the wrestler, Kin Corn Karn. Starter
Light Green green Color scheme based off of the wrestler, The Amazon. Starter
Orange Orange Color scheme based off of the wrestler, King Slender. Starter
Black Black Slightly resembles his original appearance. Starter
Green Green --- Starter
Magenta Magenta Color scheme based off of the wrestler, Star Man. Starter
Blue blue Slightly resembles Gill from Super Street Fighter III Starter
FWA Champion Black Based off his original artwork his the FWA Champion belt and black wrestling shorts. Locked
Singlet Hayabusa Navy Wears a navy colored singlet; wrestling uniform worn by some wrestlers and especially in university. Also wears headgear. Locked
Sumo Hayabusa White Wears a sumo-like outfit. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"A Winner Is YOU!"

Time: 2:50 Scene: A wrestling ring

The camera pans over a wrestling ring bathed in lights with cheering fans. The lights dim and an announcer is heard over the speakers:

"Ladies and gentlemen! This is the moment you have been waiting for! Are...YOU...TO SMASH???!!!"

The camera then cuts to the wrestling ring and Mario enters into it with great applause with the flashes from cameras going off like crazy. Mario raises up his hands and blows kisses to the crowd. The camera then swivels to another side of the ring where Donkey Kong enters through the wrestling tightrope. He roars out loudly and thumps his chest; reveling in the flashes of the cameras and applause of the audience. The camera yet again swivels and Charizard enters but gets tangled in the ropes due to his wings. He ignites himself with fire and burns the ropes. He steps onto the mat and roars; igniting the entire air with fire with shouts of surprise from the audience. The announcer than broadcasts himself on the speaker:

"It looks like we have a battle royal going on here!"

A shadowy figure then enters the ring, obscured by the bright lights. Mario, Donkey Kong, and Charizard looks at the figure who had entered the ring.

"Whoa! What's this?! A new fighter has entered the ring!"

Mario charges forward with a raised fist but is knocked over by the mysterious fighters Lariat.

"Wow! An Mario gets a Lariat into the face! He doesn't seem to be getting up!"

Charizard dashes forward with flame pouring out of its mouth.

"Charizard seems to be planning on burning the mysterious fighter! Is that even allowed?!"

Charizard approaches but gets a boot into the face before he could release the flame; causing him to ingest it and then explode of the ring.

"Wow! I haven't seen an explosive ring out in all my days!"

It's just Donkey Kong and the mysterious fighter left. Donkey Kong goes to charge at the opponent but the fighter manages to roll past Donkey Kong and jumps up.

"Is this it? Is this the famed...?"

The mysterious fighter plants a boot right in the back of Donkey Kong's head causing his eyes to bulge out. Donkey Kong is launched out of the ring.

"YES! YES! That's the famed trademark move! The Back Brain Kick! The mysterious fighter is...!"

The camera pans up to show Fighter Hayabusa towering over the camera with lights on top of him.


Fighter Hayabusa lifts up his arms but his eyes turn behind him.

" we have a new challenges?!"

Little Mac enters the ring and points his fist torwards Fighter Hayabusa who turns around.

"The boxer, Little Mac challenges Fighter Hayabusa to a fight! Who will win? The wrestler or the boxer?! This can only happen in Smash!"

Both fighters charges at each other in a dramatic sequence. Before they collide, the camera fades to white and ques the game play footage:

  • Fighter Hayabusa enters the stage via his starting stage entrance animation. He does his Up Taunt.
  • Next scene is Fighter Hayabusa being punched by Little Mac's combo jab. He does his Lariat which shows off the super armor it possesses; shrugging off his attacks.
  • The Lariat hits Little Mac and launches him.
  • The next is a montage of the various holds Fighter Hayabusa is capable of again Donkey Kong, Samus, Mario, and Bowser.
  • It shows two Fighrer Hayabusa's, the default and the Green palette swap one doing the Back Brainer Kick. It hits Samus in the back and Link in the head; showing Samus flying less farther than Link.
  • It then shows Fighter Hayabusa trying to do it against Kirby who ducks it.
  • It then shows Fighter Hayabusa on the WFA stage. It summons the Turnbuckle and jumps off it; performing an aerial which hits Peach.
  • Fighter Hayabusa is show doing his flexing taunt.
  • It shows Fighter Hayabusa performing the Piledriver against Villager.
  • It then shows Fighter Hayabusa performing another Piledriver but killing both players as it goes off the ledge.
  • It shows Fighter Hayabusa grabbing Donkey Kong and doing a three pummel hits followed by a down throw.
  • It then shows Fighter Hayabusa and Little Mac charging at each other with Little Mac performing his Jolt Haymaker. Fighter Hayabusa performs his Back Brain Kick and rolls past and slams his boot into Little Mac's head; KO'ing him.
  • Little Mac stands on the turnbuckle and does his Down taunt.

This ques to Super Smash Bros. 5 logo.

The final scene shows Mario, Little Mac, Donkey Kong, and Charizard sitting on benches outside of the mat with bruises and bandaids on and towels around their necks. Fighter Hayabusa has his back turned to them and poses in the background while cameras flash.


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