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Fighter Bobble, also known as Bubble Fighters, is a 2001 fighting video game for the Nintendo 64 created by Taito Corporation. It is based on Taito's popular 1986 arcade game Bubble Bobble, featuring characters and themes from that game. It features super "cute" Japanese anime video and music, along with its play mechanics and level designs, made it successful as an arcade title and spawned several sequels and ports to home gaming systems. It was inspired by a fan game called "Super Bubble Fighter".


There are 12 characters to choose from:

  • Bub
  • Bob
  • Bubble Buster
  • Incendo
  • Stoner
  • Super Socket
  • Beluga
  • Hullaballoon
  • Coiley
  • Baron Von Blubba
  • Rascal
  • Willy Whistle

The game keeps the same style of gameplay as Street Fighter II. Each character has a set of moves although they are pretty similar overall. Everyone of them, except Rascal, is able to throw projectiles, has something like a charge attack; several have a stationary attack. There are five difficulty levels in the game, like in most of the games based on this engine. The game also has versus mode; in order to activate it, a button on the second player's gamepad has to be pressed.

Connections with Bubble Bobble

The characters and theme of the game are based on the 1986 platform arcade game Bubble Bobble. A remix of the original Bubble Bobble music is played in the game's end credits.

The sprites and animation are based directly on the original Bubble Bobble, only larger. Less obvious is the fact that Fighter Bobble also features all the enemies from Bubble Bobble, which are trapped inside the bubbles and fly out to damage the opponent whenever the player pop the bubbles. It's likely that this was ripped off from Puzzle Bobble. These bubbles later appeared in Fighter Bobble 2 and Fighter Bobble 3.

Enemy characters in Fighter Bobble bubbles
Bubble color Enemy Japanese name
Red Super Socket Invader
Yellow Hullaballoon (a.k.a. Boaboa) Pulpul
Green Willy Whistle (a.k.a. Bonner) Drunk
Blue Bubble Buster (a.k.a. Benzo) Zen-Chan
Purple Beluga (a.k.a. Blubba) Monsta
Orange Coiley (a.k.a. Bonnie-bo) Banebou
Black Incendo Hidegonsu
White Stoner (a.k.a. Boris) Mighta


  • Selecting Start or Option on the title screen plays a Chain Comp sound effect from Super Mario 64.
  • Some of the sound effects were reused in Fighter Bobble 2.
  • The ending music, based off the one from Bubble Bobble, was reused in many of TheShinyMew's fighting games. As this is the only Bubble Bobble themed game to use this music, it's likely that this was the first game to use it.
  • Coiley is misspelled as "Coily" in this game.
  • There are unused tiles in Fighter Bobble's rom which have the banner on the title screen read "Bubble Fighter" instead of "Fighter Bobble." This was most likely a development name at the time because the title doesn't seem to fit in with the banner.

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