This is the list of playable characters in FoF. Note that this list only feature fixed characters, not randomly-generated characters.

Character Icon Name Class Info
FoFArcherSprite Erion Archer The prince of Starryhedge's kingdom. As the oldest of his brothers, Erion uses a bow during battles.
FoFBarbarianSprite Olaf Barbarian Starryhedge's most fearsome warrior. Slow, yet powerful. Olaf's main weapon is a giant axe.
FoFKnight2Sprite Josef Mounted Knight Josef is Erion's guard and always protect him from danger. He has a horse, which doubles his movement speed. Josef's main weapon is a spear.
FoFWhiteMageSprite Melissa White Mage Melissa is the Starryhedge's White Mage. Her main ability is the ability to heal her allies. She uses a staff as her main weapon, but she cannot attack enemies with it.
FoFDancerSprite Rita Dancer Rita is a dancer of the Starryhedge's army. She doesn't have any weapon, but she has an ability that allows an ally to move again after said ally finished a move.