Fight Until Doomsday is an umbrella game made by Treefrog Productions. It is planned to be released in late 2016.


When fighting, players have a health bar and a power bar. The goal of the game is to get your opponent's health bar all the way down by using your four button attacks. You can also jump and crouch. Using these attacks while jumping or crouching will make them different from what they would be if you were just standing. When you attack your opponent, your power bar goes up. When you have enough power, you can perform a Summon, a Special, or a Hyper Move by doing a series of button combinations. In the end, the basic gameplay of the game is to drain the opponent's health bar while keeping yours up.

Game Modes


The arcade mode of the game. You fight every character in the game and at the end, you fight a boss. Arcade mode also has a special story for every character. Can be played with a second player.


A little bit like arcade mode. The difference between survival and arcade mode is that in survival, the game is endless. Fight until you die and see how many rounds you can last. Can be played with a second player.


Just an average fight. You choose your character and fight against a CPU or a second player. You can also choose to have teams of two characters.


Set two characters up against each other and watch them fight.

Default Characters

Name Info

Tama The Cat


A little kitten and the mascot of a Japanese train company. Tama is agile and has fast attacks. Tama can attack by waving flags and pushing luggage carts. One of her specials involves her hitting the opponent with a train! Although cute, Tama should not be messed with.

Spike Peanuts


Spike is Snoopy's brother, who lives in Needles, California. He can attack by swinging his cactus and tossing tumbleweeds. He can also bring in the coyotes he used to live with for a Summon.

Annoying Dog

Annoying Dog

He's annoying. That's honestly it. Anyways this dude is fighting now. He can attack with Dog Salad and bones. One of his specials involves him being sucked into Sans' trash tornado.

Pepper Roni

Pepper Roni

A pizza delivery boy from Lego Island, or as he likes to put it, "the dude with the food". He can attack with pizza, riding his skateboard, and using chilli peppers to breathe fire.



Two martians who have zero concept of human culture other than an encyclopedia that they use. The Yip-Yips are controlled together and they can attack in a team. The Yip-Yips attack using radios, grandfather clocks, telephones and their "Earth book."

Peter Pepper Fud

Peter Pepper

A chef who works at a hamburger place. Nothing else. Oh, I forgot! He also makes larger-than-life hamburgers and has to run from living food. This guy uses these hamburgers and walking food items to his advantage here, and uses them as specials and summons.

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