Fight King (also known as Fight to the Fight in Japan and Special Rivals in Europe and Australia) is a crossover fighting game produced and released by Lunatic Entertainment.

Its name is not intended to connect it to The King of Fighters series any greater than its connection to other fighting games.


Fight King has a large selection of fighters, and takes two characters from every franchise (with the exception of large franchises such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball, which each feature four), with one character being male and the other female, when applicable. Not all fighting game franchises are supported, but a large number are.

Notably, each character plays like they do in their original franchise, with special attributes from each franchise such as fatalities, destroys, power stone transformations, et cetera, still being an option; however they are only usable for characters from those franchises. Also, in certain cases their HP and strength are tweaked to make characters more equal in battle. The game also took very minimal liberties with some of the characters: For instance, because of the actual size of Primal Rage characters in relation to regular-height humans (being Daikaiju similar to Godzilla), they are instead shrank down to a more manageable, size, being referred to as "Son of ____ / Lil' ____" instead, and while being exactly like the original characters are technically a new one due to this.

Because they created the game, Lunatic Entertainment slipped in characters from their own fighting games, as well.


Fight King was well-received among fans, with the inclusion of some more obscure series being praised. It received a nomination for "Best Third Party Crossover Fighting Game, Q1 2015".

Character Roster

Character image Character name Franchise Origin Character description
Akira Kazama Akira Kazama Rival Schools
Badmrfrosty Bad Mr. Frosty Clay Fighter
Bahn Bahn Fighting Vipers A graduate from Nishino Machi High School, Bahn is a powerful and imposing fighter. His reasons for entering the tournament are nebulous at best, but he very quickly developed a heated rivalry with another contestant, Jotaro Kujo, due to both arriving in very similar outfits.
Batsu Batsu Ichimonji Rival Schools
B. Orchid Modern B(lack) Orchid Killer Instinct Black Orchid (more often than not shortened to B. Orchid) is a secret agent who has had success in investigating mysterious disappearances involving fighting tournaments before, namely for the UltraTech contest. When the Fight to the Fight Tournaments began, Orchid was the logical choice in agents to send in. She finds herself in a rivalry with Sonya Blade, an agent for a different organization with a similar background.
Cammy Pose Cammy Street Fighter A gender-swapped clone of M. Bison and former Shadaloo Doll controlled by Bison's DNA and intended to be his next corporeal vessel to inhabit, she was eventually freed by Dhalsim. Since that day forward she has fought against Shadaloo, and now works for the British paramilitary governmental organization, Delta Red.

Although initially sent to investigate the Fight to the Fight tournaments in a similar manner to both B. Orchid and Sonya Blade, she soon realizes that M. Bison has been possessed and that soem fighters have been executing their opponents. Realizing that she is also once again connected to Bison through possessing a portion of his Psycho Power, she knows that she will die if he ever does. Because of this she begrudgingly seeks to not only investigate the tournament as per her orders, but also prevent Bison's demise should it ever come to that.

Chaco Chaco Yutani Tobal A member of the Galaxy Patrol, Chaco Yutani has been sent by her superiors to investigate the mysterious Fight to the Fight Tournament, whose motives are suspect, at best. At the same time, she hopes to once again test her skills in martial combat.
Chun Li Chun Li Street Fighter
Felicia Mouse Catch Felicia Darkstalkers
Fulgore Stance Fulgore II Killer Instinct
Hayato Kanzaki Hayato Kanzaki Star Gladiator / Plasma Sword
Helga Clay Fighter
Honey Fighting Vipers Honey Fighting Vipers Formerly referring to herself as "Candy" as a way to attract attention in her younger years, Honey (her real name) has been running a clothing design company for some years now. However, she has fallen on hard times, discovering that rubber-dresses are no longer the "in thing". To prove to people that rubber-dresses are still sexy and functional as well as to get her and her company out of debt and avoid bankruptcy, she has joined the Fight to the Fight Tournament.
Jon Talbain Jon Talbain Darkstalkers
JoJo & Star Platinum Jotaro Kujo JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Jotaro "JoJo" Kujo and his stand, Star Platinum, have arrived at the Fight to the Fight Tournament after discovering that Dio Brando was one of the headliners. However, within mere hours of his arrival he ran into Bahn, who was wearing a suspiciously similar outfit as he was. Believing Bahn to be a "copycat", he has developed an intense rivalry with his fellow contestant. The feeling is mutual.
Ken Masters Ken Masters Street Fighter The son of a rich family, he has been well-trained in martial arts to understand discipline. Although he has since become a family man, seeing his friend Ryu enter the tournament causes him to consider entering as well; when he realizes his son has become depressed and feels trapped in his life, Ken decides this is the perfect opportunity to inspire his son by winning the tournament.
Vertigo Lil' Vertigo Primal Rage The daughter of Urth's goddess of insanity, Lil' Vertigo is just like her mother, only in a more compact package. Separated from her mother after a space-time continuum rift, she sees the opportunity to dominate the planet long before its decimation. Because she is so small and devotees are not available, she has come to rule over the rats.
Midler & High Priestess Midler JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Upon Dio's discovery that Jotaro had shown up for the tournament, he sicked his minion Midler on him. Rumors of her death were greatly exaggerated, and she still brings forth the High Priestess, her shapeshifting stand.
Millia Rage Millia Rage Guilty Gear Millia is an assassin who has allowed a Gear to attach itself to her head, allowing her to use her hair as a deadly weapon. Despite her profession, she is honorable and will not murder innocent people, which led her to eventually leave her organization and becoming black listed. Now chased by her fellow comrades, she now finds herself laying low amongst other fighters. She is safe... for now.
Oliems Oliems Tobal Oliems is a Kientakkuan, hailing from the planet Kientakku. A proud and honorable military leader, he made the journey to Earth after discovering the apparent genocide of chickens for food, which he finds disgusting and appalling. Should he win the tournament, he will put an end to this horrible tragedy.
Potemkin Potemkin Guilty Gear Potemkin still finds himself serving the nation of Zepp, a militaristic nation maintaining science and technology as their most important ideals. When a space-time continuum opens up near Zepp, President Gabriel sends Potemkin through to investigate. He finds himself in the distant past, in the middle of a tournament known as the Fight to the Fight. Surprised, he seeks to find answers to why this portal has created the pathway through time, and make sure it bodes well for his own time. Otherwise he is ordered to collapse it to protect Zepp and the people therein.
Rain (Star Gladiator) Rain Star Gladiator / Plasma Sword
Ryu Bandanna Ryu Street Fighter
Talon Primal Rage Son of Talon Primal Rage
Sonya-mk3-fix1 Sonya Blade Mortal Kombat
Sub-Zero II UMK3 Stance Sub-Zero II Mortal Kombat

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