Fierce the Prototype Dragon
Broken Fierce's old model.
Date of Birth Around 1990 (But before Bodhi and Michael)
Gender Male
Species Animatronic Dragon
Align Neutral
Current Status Broken or Destroyed
Main Weapon(s) Teeth
Ability/ies Biting

Disabling Cameras

Vulnerable To Smoke


Height Large
Weight Heavy
Sexuality Robot

Fierce is one of Several Nights at Fierce's multiple animatronics. He has slightly more plot relevance then characters like Layla the Lava Chef, but isn't the main character either.


Normal Design

Fierce is a very large robotic dragon animatronic. He is covered in black fabric, with red "feathers" on his head, back, wings and tail. Unlike nearly all Several Nights at Fierce's animatronic, he has a jaw which has retractable teeth; they're very sharp when fully retracted. His eyes seem to be red instead of blue like the other animatronics. Sometimes, this form is a little broken, but not as much as his true "broken" appearance.

Broken Design

Fierce's teeth are now forced into "exposed" mode. His endoskeleton legs are exposed too. Wires poke from his jaw, indicating it is at least partly broken. The bottom part of his wings seem ripped up. His whole tail is gone. He's missing some of his front left leg's toes, with wires replacing them. His eyes seem to be missing, exposing his endoskeleton eyes.


Fierce has the ability to turn off cameras like the other animatronics, and also like them, he is at least semi-sentient. He also has sharp toes and teeth, which give him more strength then the other animatronics. Not to mention he's extremely fast in Several Nights at Fierce's 2, through he is probably slower when out of the virus's effects. Fierce's teeth are retractable in the first game, but not in the second game and later appearances.


While Fierce never appeared in a show, Fierce was planned to be the mascot of Fierce's Foods (hence the name). His personality is much like a villain; but he isn't a "true" one. One could say his personality is similar to Bowser's; beign somewhat of a bully but not to the point of driving people to suicide.

In his appearance in Engineer's Creation, he appears as the tutorial character, but does not seem to like this role, claiming it is too "normal". This seems to show that he prefers beign "special".





  • Fierce was apparently framed to be the main antagonist by Gilgamesh, but it turned out to be the later.
  • Fierce's name is somewhat misleading; he isn't a "prototype" dragon, but rather a "dark dragon", and he isn't part of the four prototypes. He is named this way because he never made a public debut; he was scrapped because he was too scary for kids and it would be weird to have a villain as a mascot.
  • Fierce's original model was an edit of the creature he was based off, unlike all other characters.

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