Fierce Tales (Old)
Fierce Tales's official logo.
Developer(s) "Searchie"
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U


Age Rating(s)
ERSB: Rating Pending
Genre(s) Action-Adventure

Warning: This is an older version of Fierce Tales. A newer version can be found here.

Fierce Tales is an RPG for the Wii U and the 3DS. It is inspired by the ROBLOX game Fierce, but plays like Zelda games, while having it's own gameplay elements such as classes and a level-up system.

The game's forum thread can be found here.


The game starts with you beign exiled of a group of pirate Goblins, who claim you are not fierce enough for them. You end up on a beach in which you can choose two paths; however, one of the path can't be chosen as the Goblin not only can't see anything in it, but is also extremely cold to him. If you need help playing the game, you can ask "Chicken Engineer" for tips in The Beggining.

The second path leads to Main Fields, a place you are going to go to a lot. You have to reach the High Main Fields, but enemies such as Chickens are in the path. Right before reaching the High Main Fields, you get hit by something. The goblin looks around, but can't see the thing that hit him. After that, Goblin walks in the High Main Fields. You have to fight a few enemies, especially baby dragons. After this, the player enters the first dungeon.


As mentionned above, the game has similar gameplay to Zelda. Both are games in which you wander around in an overworld, but must go to some dungeons as well. In each dungeon, there's a miniboss and a boss. There's also one item per dungeon, like the Ant Staff for instance.

However, there's some differences as well. Firstly, you can level up to level 50 and get buffs in health, attacking, ect. Secondly, you must choose a class at the beggining of the game. The classes decides your stats and your weapons. You can miss your attacks, but increasing your Precision makes you miss less.


One of the unique elements of the game are stats. The stats make the game more RPG-like, but the game's still considered an Action-Adventure. You can increase one of your stats when you level up, up to level 5.

  • Health: This is the only stat that doesn't haves the level 5 cap; it's cap is 10 instead. Increasing this stat increases your maximum Health.
  • Defense: This stat makes you take less damage from attacks.
  • Attack: This stat increases how much damage you get from enemies.
  • Speed: This stat increases your speed on the map.
  • Precision: This makes you miss less.



Coins is one of the currencies of the game. It is generally easier to get then the other currency, DP. You can get them by killing wild monsters. You can also get them from quests. Coins can be used in shops, but DP usually serves for more thing. Coins can also be used to get to another level quicker, through you need a lot of coins to do so.

Dragon Points

Dragon Points, usually refered to as DP, are the other currencies of the game. DP serves for more things then Coins, but can only be dropped by stronger monsters or by quests. You can get more things with them through. It can be used to get boosts of XP, for example.


The stores are the places where you can get optional items such as better weapons, armor, ect.

Item Description Cost Type
Sharp Swords These swords are just like your first swords, but they're sharper, so they'll do more damage. 100 Weapon (Swordfighter)
Dual Daggers Two small daggers. Unlike Sharp Swords, it increases your speed, but doesn't increases attack. 150 Weapon (Swordfighter)
Long Staff A longer version of your original staff. It boosts your magic spells to do more damage. 100 Weapon (Magician)
Pointed Staff A staff with more pointed edges. It makes you miss you magic spells less. Despite the popular belief, it doesn't increases attack. 150 Weapon (Magician)
Sharp Shield A stone shield renforced with more stone and that looks cooler. It's also enchanted to make your attacks stronger. 100 Weapon (Defender)
Iron Shield A shield made of iron. This boosts your defense, but not your attacks. 150 Weapon (Defender)
Leather Chestplate A leather chestplate that boosts your defense when put on. 100 Clothing
Cloth Chestplate A chestplate made of cloth. It gives less defense then the Leather Chestplate, but gives a small boost of precision as well. 150 Clothing
Iron Chestplate A tough chestplate which gives you a lot of defense. 250 Clothing
Knight Chestplate A very tough, fierce-looking chestplate that gives you a lot of defense, but also boosts your attack. 500 Clothing


Unlike the normal store, the Market uses DP as a currency. Additionally, the items in it are more asthetic and less used in fights, and those who are used for fighting have more special effects.

Item Description Cost Type
Red Dye A red dye made from fire dragon scales. When used, it makes your current armor red. 5 Asthetic
Blue Dye A blue dye made from water and non-toxic chemicals. When used, it makes the armor you currently use blue. 5 Asthetic
  Green Dye A green dye made from plants. It can be used to color one of your armors. 5 Asthetic
Red Orb A magic fire orb which makes your skin red. 10 Asthetic
Blue Orb An enchanted crystal orb which turns you blue. 10 Asthetic
Green Orb A green, glowing orb which makes you green. 10 Asthetic
Grey Orb If you want to turn back grey, you can use this grey magic orb. 5 Asthetic
Fancy Top Hat A fancy hat you can wear to look gentlemanish. 15 Clothing
Brown Wig Don't like the idea of beign bald? Wear this and you won't have that problem. 15 Clothing
Fierce Cap A brown cap with the game's logo on it. Wear it to look cool. 15 Clothing


Player Classes

In the game, you play as an unnamed goblin, through you can choose a name for it as the beggining of the game. Before actually playing the game, you must choose a class.

Character Description



An offensive class. You wield two powerful swords and you are fast. You can take on enemies and bosses with ease. However, you are easier to kill then the other classes. Additionally, you have no ranged moves, and you are almost defenseless against ranged creatures.



This class is balanced. You use magic spells such as fire. This means you can easily attack any enemy from a distance. However, you have trouble defeating enemies in your face. Additionally, you are slower then the other classes.



The game's defensive class. You carry a shield and a dagger. You have more health then other classes. This makes you the ultimate tank. You have the weakest attacks, through. This class is hard to use for begginers, but when you know how to play as it the Defender can be incredible.

Main Characters

These are the main characters. These may or may not help you.

Character Description



Tachyon is an "Hover Dragon 2.0". He is your rival in the game. He taunts Goblin for beign a weak monster while he is a very strong one. He isn't exactly the best at talking, which leads to odd phrases such as "It is I, Tachyon."


Chicken Engineer

Chicken looks like a chicken in a box mech at first glance. In truth, he's actually the first thing ever and is said to have created the Fierce world. Why is he just sitting in the world like a normal person now? No one really knows.



Carapar is the leader of the Night Crew. He is a ninja that previously went in prison for stealing cash. He did an heel face turn and decided to found the Night Crew to help people in danger and to stop conflicts.



Searchie is a cross between an alien and a blue cockatrice, through the alien side shows much more. As he was a friend of Carapar and was victim of injustice, he joined the later's team. He's weak but he's very smart.



Guest is yet another member of the Night Crew. Because of his status as a Guest, he is victim of racism from others and has limited speech. This didn't stop him from joining the Night Crew. He is said to never give up.
Pokemantrainer Pokemantrainer is an humanoid dragon. He's somewhat lazy and even greedy at times. However, Pokeman is nice at times. He joined Carapar's crew to prove it. He's the tough guy of the group as Searchie is the brains.


These are boss and miniboss characters. Miniboss appear rarely anyway else then thier dungeon, but the bosses are much more involved in the plot.


The game has an enormous amount of creatures. It is confirmed that there will be at least 100 monsters.

Overworld Creatures

Character Description Location(s)


Normal Blob

A small, weak blob that can be found in the game's first areas. It attacks by jumping at you, but it is slow and deals very weak damage. The Beginning
Normal Minion An humanoid creature that's found in the beggining areas. It's stronger then NormalBlob, but is still as slow. Instead of jumping, it walks. The Beginning
Red Crab A small red crab that's found in a beach near the starting area. It's faster then a NormalBlob, but just as weak. The Beginning
Cat The strongest monster in The Beginning; it's as fast as a Red Crab and as strong as a Normal Minion. They can surprise you by pouncing. The Beginning
Wolf Wolfs are dangerous early-game creatures. They're rather fast and strong. They're usually found in groups. Main Fields
Chicken Chickens are very fast monsters, but they're weak. There's smaller variations that just run from you and bigger ones that are stronger. Main Fields
Golden Chicken A very rich chicken. No idea how it became rich. It's more resistant then a normal chicken, but also slower. Otherwise they're the same. Main Fields
Chocolate Chicken A chicken made of chocolate! Come on! They're less resistant then chickens but can shoot magic orbs to compensate. Main Fields
Easter Chicken A chicken which appears when it's easter. They're...colored, to say the least. Like chocolate chicken they shoot magic orbs, but they's slightly slower.

Main Fields

(Easter Only)

Pig Pigs have average speed and attack, but they'll occasionally charge at you. There's a piglett variation that runs from you and a boar one that's stronger then usual. Main Fields
Rock Crab A crab with an hard rock shell. They are stronger red crabs. They have twice as much health then red crabs. Additionally, they have more defense. Main Fields
Big Normal Blob A bigger NormalBlob with more health and defense. Otherwise it's the same as a normal blob. Seems like the bugger eated a lil bit too much. Main Fields
Baby Fire Dragon A dragon where fire is it's friend. It can spit fireballs at you, so watch out. If you get close they'll run away. High Main Fields
Baby Water Dragon Ooh lookie water. This baby dragon can spit bubbles around. They're weak but they'll slow you down. Like it's fire cousin, it runs from you. High Main Fields
Baby Forest Dragon This dragon will grow into the king of the forest. Unlike it's other cousins, it's not shy. They slash you and ram in you. However, this means they can't attack from a distance. High Main Fields
Blue Cockatrice A cockatrice said to have a nasty glare. They're the strongest early-game overworld monster. They're very fast and have average attack power. You should avoid it if you see one. High Main Fields
Black Ant A black ant whose mortal enemies are the red ants, but it doesn't really likes anyone else then black ants. It's a rather fast monster and thier bite does a lot of damage. High Main Fields
Winged Black Ant A much stronger, winged black ant. They're much faster and thier bite doesn't do less damage. They can be considered a miniboss in mook clothing. High Main Fields
Sand Trilobite A trilobite made of sand. They can dig in the ground and attack you from below, so watch out. If you're a magician, take note that they're immune to electric-based spells.

Koto Coast

Forseth Desert

Water Horse A horse adapted to water. Like baby water dragons, they can spit bubbles, but they don't run, instead opting to attack you with it's fins. Koto Coast
Baby Rock Dragon A dragon made of rock. Like baby forest dragons, they're aggresive, but can also create a shield of rock around themselves. Koto Coast
Pirate Skeleton Even when it's dead, the pirate skeletons still bring fear to the seas. They're fast and will stab you with thier swords. However they're fragile. Koto Coast
Baby Palm Dragon A dragon which looks like a palmtree. They attack you by surprise as they look just like the normal palmtrees until they attack. They can't attack from a distance, so use that to your advantage.

Koto Coast

Koto Jungle

Springtail A springtail. They can quickly dodge attacks, but they're weak in attack. They're also fast monsters. They won't be able to dodge if they're stuck in a corner, so lure them into one. Koto Jungle
Baby River Dragon A baby dragon which lives in river. They're very fast and strong, able to surprisingly dash and bite you, but they have trouble turning around, so use this to your advantage. Koto Jungle
Baby Frog Dragon A frog which has dragon traits. It leaps high in the air and falls back on you. However, they have a cooldown before they can leap again. Koto Jungle
Orange Dragonfly A giant dragonfly. They fly quickly from one side of the screen to the other, making them hard to avoid. They're somewhat weak through. Koto Jungle
Stingray A toxic stingray. It camouflages in the ground, and when approached it surprises the player with it's tail. It inflicts poison so be careful. Koto Coast
King Tail Crow A crow with a golden tail. It has great eyesight and can find the player wherever it hides. It then flies towards it and pecks him. Dark Forest
Black Cat This cat is said to give bad luck. It walks around peacefully until it crosses your path. In that case, it'll turn scarier and chase you. Dark Forest
Lil Reaper An apprentice reaper that wants to evolve into the famous grim reaper. You're one of his targets. It can disappear, then suddenly strike, so be careful. Dark Forest
Baby Ghost Dragon A dragon that died and since became a ghost. It can disappear, but it can't move while doing so. Otherwise it's the same as a forest dragon, attacking you aggresively. Dark Forest
Baby Pumpkin Dragon A baby dragon that hides in a pumpkin. It occasionally pops out and breaths energy at the player. It can't run away through. Dark Forest
Baby Oasis Dragon A dragon which lives near an oasis. It spits slowing, damaging and pushing-away water jets, so be careful. Forseth Desert
Sand Scorpion A scorpion with a nasty tail. It camouflages and stings you, like a stingray, but it's also immune to electric spells, making it even more dangerous.

Forseth Desert

Rattler A snake. If you approach it, it hisses and scares your player character. After this, it bites him and goes to another place.

Forseth Desert

Cactus Beetle A beetle which lives in cacti. While all cacti will hurt when touched, some cacti are infected with a beetle, which bites the player as well. If you cut the cactus down, it runs away like a baby dragon.

Forseth Desert

Yeti The abominable snowman! Well, it's cuter then abominable...It's punches aren't weak, but it isn't the most mobile thing ever.

Mechanartica Snowfields

Frost Phoenix A phoenix. Excluding it's cold instead of warm. It flies in the air and breathes freezing ice, making it a real threat.

Mechanartica Snowfields

Baby Shiver Dragon A dragon trapped in ice for centuries. It breathes snow that slows you, then charge at you, making them hard to avoid.

Mechanartica Snowfields

Steel Blob Hold on, it's a blob, but it's solid? I think I'm hallucinating. They're as slow and weak as a blob, but they have the highest defense in the game.

Mechanartica Snowfields

lce Blob A blob made of freezing water. It's just like a normal blob, but it freezes you on contact, making it more dangerous.

Mechanartica Snowfields

Penguin Waddle waddle waddle. This cute penguin just wanders aimlessly unless hit. In that case, it'll go in rage and attack you very quickly.

Mechanartica Snowfields

Christmas Cockatrice A cockatrice that looks like it wants to party, but really doesn't. It's just like a normal cockatrice, but slightly stronger.

Mechanartica Snowfields

(Note: Appears much more commonly in Christmas)

Gingerbread Man A trickster monster which places explosive gifts around, then runs. If approached it doesn't tries to attack and runs away.

Mechanartica Snowfields

(Note: Appears much more commonly in Christmas)

Sea Snake A snake that lives in water. It is black and white. It is a pretty fast monster and when it attacks it turns invisible, so a player has to look out for them disappearing. Volcanisco Islands (Water)
Electric Eel A white and yellow eel that seems innocent at first; however, upon contact it electrifies the player dealing a lot of damage. It doesn't attempts to attack the player, however. Volcanisco Islands (Water)
Little Fire Fish A small fish, infact one of the smallest enemies in the game. Like the Electric Eel, it's not aggresive. When touched, through, it'll give a burn to the player that lingers for a few seconds. Volcanisco Islands (Water)

Underworld Creatures

These creatures are found in caves or dungeons. Some are exclusive to certain dungeons while others are in caves and dungeons in general.

Character Description Location(s)
Zombie A dead minion which came back to life. They're slow and weak, but they can poison you. General
Skeleton A skeleton of a creature. They're very fast and jump around quickly, but they're not the best defensively. General
Giant Rat An enormous rat! It has a lot of HP, but usually won't attack unless you get close. Caves
Fire Blob The normal blob's angry cave counterpart. Sometimes it'll rage and become stronger then usual, but otherwise it's just a red normal blob. General
Baby Skeleton Dragon The remains of a baby dragon. Turns out it came back to life. They spit will-o-wisps that home in you, but they're as shy as most other baby dragons. General
Red Goblin A michievous goblin which mastered the arts of fire. It will cast fire spells at you. They're helpless at close range, through. General
Blue Goblin A goblin which lurks in caves. It carries a shield to block your attacks. It can casts slowing spells on you and can use a dagger at close range. General
Green Goblin A goblin thief which hides in the underworld. They're fast and have powerful attacks, especially with thier dual swords. General
Red Ant A red ant. They dislike intruders and will attack you. They're weak but they usually attack in large groups. Ant Nest
Winged Red Ant A red ant with wings. They're faster then red ants and are usually found along other red ants. Ant Nest
Red Ant Knight A red ant trained for battle. It has armor, so you can only hit it from the abdomen. It is slow, but powerful and forms packs like red ants. Ant Nest
Evolution Cube A slimy cube which moves around. It is able to make creatures around it stronger. However, it gives a lot of XP to you, which is useful. Dungeons
Baby Hacker Dragon A baby dragon which LOVES to mess with electronics! It will "hack" machine monsters to make them attack you mindlessly. They run away from you when attacked. Cyberlith
Glitch An ant which was corrupted technologically. It has a chance of not beign hit by your attacks, but they're slow and not very strong. Cyberlith
Computer Virus A virus ant which can suddenly disappear and teleport to you. They're also strong and hard to hit. They do not compute with beign attacked, through. Cyberlith
Error A glitch with many antennas creating bright light. In fact, the light is so bright it blinds you for a few second. It takes that time to attack, but it's slow. Cyberlith
Car ...Out of all things, one of the enemnies is a CAR? Erm, anyways, the car becomes faster and stronger as it moves, so it is important to kill it early. Cyberlith
Tank Beware the epic tank. It can launch a slow, but powerful bullet from a distance. It also has high defenses, but it is very slow in general. Cyberlith
Cryo-Magnet A robot which floats in the sky using magnets. It flies around, out of reach, then homes in you with ice energy. It has rather low defenses, through. Cyberlith


The game feature moves, unlike Zelda games. Each of the three classes has distinct moves that affect the way the class plays. You can upgrade moves to make them stronger or to increase thier effects.


Location Description
Slash You slash the enemy with your dual swords.
Impale You use one of your swords to impale the enemy.
Lunge You charge at your enemy with your sword.
Leap You jump at the targeted location.
Spin You spin with your swords like a tornado.
Dash You increase your speed for a few seconds.
Slice You jump and slash with your sword.
Boost You increase your attack for a few seconds.
Accuracy You increase your precision for a few seconds.
Dual Stab You stab your enemy two times in a row.


Location Description
Orb You launch an orb from your staff.
Fire You create a flame at the targeted location.
Thunder You launch a lightning bolt from your staff.
Tornado You create a tornado which blows away enemies.
Wisdom You increase your attack for a few seconds.
Poison You launch an orb that poisons enemies.
Light You create a light beam from your staff.
Darkness You increase your evasion with your staff.
Ice You freeze a targeted enemy for a few seconds.
Earth You create a spike in front of you.


Location Description
Stab You stab the enemy with your dagger.
Block You block an enemy's attack with your shield.
Heal You use a magic spell to heal some health.
Wall You create a stone wall at the targeted location.
Wind You use magic to launch wind.
Reflect You reflect projectiles with your shield.
Toughten You increase your defense for a few seconds.
Dodge You leap out of an attack's way.
Luck You increase the chance an enemy drops something.
Rock You launch a rock at your enemies.





Location Description
The Beginning A beachy area in which you start when you play. Only Normal Blobs, Normal Minions and Red Crabs appear here. The area serves mostly as a tutorial.
Main Fields A foresty area which can be considered the hub, as this is where most areas can be reached from.
High Main Fields Above the Main Fields are the higher Main Fields. These are mountainy instead of foresty.
Koto Coast A coast near the protected Koto Jungle. A few sea and rock creature life here, peacefully.
Koto Jungle A jungle full of dragons and bugs. The species in it are very rare and thus the area is protected.
Dark Forest A dark forest full of spooks. There used to be a civilation here, but it mysteriously disappeared.
Forseth Desert A hot desert. It is almost impossible to have electricity here because of all the sand.
Mechanartican Snowfields A taiga near an abandoned factory. It is so cold that you need a special outfit. You also need specialised glasses to see in the snowstorm.
Volcanisco Islands An archipelago of volcanic islands. In it's seas, a bunch of water creatures can be found, while on surface the creatures have mainly fire powers.


Location Description Boss
Ant Nest This is the first dungeon. Almost all of the monsters that appear here are Red Ants or variations of them. It is a simple underground area with a few crystals and tunnels. Jimbly the Giant Mushroom
Cyberlith The second dungeon, Cyberlith, has an internet, sci-fi theme. Most if not all enemies here are robots such as Tanks or Glitches. It seems to have been created by Virinus, an alien. Virinus the Mother UFO
Forseeing Temple The third dungeon happens to be a desert temple. Found inside of the Forseth Desert, there isn't much enemies but there is a lot of traps. Zeth lives in this place. Zeth the Sand Shark
Ruined Ruins The fourth dungeon is a destroyed temple. It seems to have been vandalised, as graffiti can be seen around it. There's also a lot of gold thanks to Lleh, the dungeon's greedy boss. Lleh the Golden Wyvern
Spacial Shrine The spacial shrine is the fifth dungeon and is heavily related to the fourth. It seems to be a section of the ruins that was left intact. Statues of the boss, Mona can be seen as well as moon drawings. Mona the Full Moon Moth
Frozen Factory An abandoned factory is the sixth dungeon. There is not only a fair amount of enemies, but there's also a lot of puzzles in this dungeon. The boss of the zone, Banafrit, is implied to have frozen the factory over. Banafrit the Eternal Freezer
Gloom Grave One of the darker dungeons of the game. It's filled with stronger versions of undead monsters encountered in random caves. A powerful dragon, Doro lives here. It seems to know a lot about the world's past. Doro the Night Dragon
Demonic Den The final dungeon of the main game, and the second hardest. Lava is spread everywhere, dealing a lot of damage upon contact. Thanksfully, not much enemies roam here. Like Doro, Kony, it's boss is implied to know about the first days of the world. Kony the Rocket Demon



  • The Night Crew members are all based on Roblox users that appear in Fierce.

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