Fierce is a fanfic based on a Roblox game. It stars Flame, a baby fire dragon who adventures through various "Islands".


Season 1 - Fierce Beginnings

  1. Night of the NightDragon




Flame is normally a baby fire dragon. He is very friendly and kind. He makes sure his friends are safe. However, the dragon is very clumsy and tends to do a lot of accidents.

Monster Box

  • Baby Fire Dragon
  • Normal Blob
  • Normal Minion


Searchie is a very smart young forest dragon. He has a lot of experience and wishes to help newborn dragons survive. Like Flame, he protects his friends. He is rather naive through.

Monster Box

His full monster box is bigger, but he owns at least these:

  • Baby Forest Dragon
  • Normal Blob
  • Normal Minion


Nutik is a baby water dragon and a friend of Searchie. He is fearless and knows how to heal his friends. He enjoys battle and can act silly at times. He is rather chatty through.


Main Island

Warm Cave

A cave in which most dragons are born, including Flame, Nutik and Searchie.

The Beach

A beach in which crabs and red goblin live.


A large plains containing most of the island. There are a few berry bushes and there is a cave in which blue goblins live.

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