Fiction Fighters Alpha is the first game of the Fiction Fighters series, created by GamerTendo.

Fiction Fighters Alpha
Fiction Fighters Alpha
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action and Adventure
Series Fiction Fighters

Story Mode

See here: Fiction Fighters Alpha/Story Mode

Playable Characters

Image Name Info/Description HowToUnlock

Leroy is the main protagonist of Fiction Fighters. Upon being warped into the world of fiction, he recieved superhuman powers, and had fighting skills, like his weapon proficency and somewhat karate skill.

He has little elemental power unlike some characters, but his element is believed to be Love. Due to his kindhearted spirit, and loving power, this gives him extreme power somehow due to his fictional conditions. 

Starting Character

Nina is one of the main protagonists of Fiction Fighters. She had really long hair before being warped into the fictional world, but upon getting the powers of it she can use her hair as extra fist, and other uses.

She gained extreme power in both her fist and her hair, allowing her to give off deadly 4 way attacks to foes, and can punch at rapid speeds. She can also extend her hair to grab foes ledges, or ect.

Starting Character

Gary is quite the strange character. Infact, nobody on the team knows if he's even turstworthy or not. However, he's one the smartest of the team. He has electrical powers.

He can also levitate some, and can absorb electricity to make even stronger attacks. He can also take power out of any technology controlled foes.

Starting Character

(Becomes a unplayable antagonist during Chapter 5)


For some reason named after a desert, Gelato is the powerhouse of the heroes team. He also wields explosives, and likes destroying things.

He doesn't really wield weapons other then explosives however, and relies on brute force for everything.

Starting Character

Dusk Dusk, originally a main antagonist of the game joins the heroes. She uses dark magic powers, to fire blast, levitate, teleport, create fires, and other uses in fighting. Unlocked at Chapter 5, after Gary's betrayal

Supporting Characters


Main Antagonist

Image Name Info/Description
Dusk Dusk, currently a hero originally was a main antagonist of the game. She uses dark magic in the battles against her, and is shown to create monsters with it, make shields, fire beams, blow things up, and other deadly uses.


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