Ficklepoof the Gentleman Hedgehog
Developer(s) Rowdy Rocker Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Platformer
Spinoff(s) RPG, Racing, Fightning
First Game Ficklepoof the Gentleman Hedgehog
Most Recent Game Ficklepoof: The Lost Planet

Ficklepoof the Gentleman Hedgehog (or simply Ficklepoof) is a long-running classic series about a top-hat red hedgehog named Ficklepoof on his adventures on North Island. He is accompinied by his friends, Lady Luna and Tough Guy. It first appeared on the Pega Renesis as the main mascot for Pega, to combat with the rival company Cintendo and their mascot, Oario. Years later, Pega lost on the console wars and started to make games to Cintendo, ZonyMicroscopicsoft's consoles. Ficklepoof is loved by many and even got into Cintendo's fightning franchise, Super Punch Kick Dudes, he appeared in Super Punch Kick Dudes Ultra Fight 2000 and he will appear on the next installment of the franchise for the Eii P and Cintendo 9DS.

He was created by the user Hamclub on Fantendo, but the rest of the franchise was made by Shoutmon. Still, Hammy can contribute to the series and use the series characters as well.


Main Games

Classic Era (1991-1997)

Middle Era (1997-2006)

Modern Era (2006-current)

Side Games




Image Character Description Debut
Ficklepoof3D Ficklepoof the Gentleman Hedgehog ??? Ficklepoof the Gentleman Hedgehog
LadyLuna Lady Luna ??? Ficklepoof the Gentleman Hedgehog 2



Most of the music is made by Destroy 04.



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