Fi, Buloni & Nato
Fi Buloni & Nato
Fi (Center), Buloni (Right), Nato (Left)
Full Name Fi Kolasi Triki

Buloni Vonti Triki

Nato Oxy Triki

Current Age 106
Gender Male & Female
Species Treiseras (Sunset Treiseras)
Align Chaotic-Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Claws

Fire Breath

Chain Lightning

Acid Spit

Height 7'08" - Buloni & Nato

7'10" - Fi

Weight 176kg
Sexuality Heterosexual (Moonlight Treiseras)
Fi, Buloni & Nato are a three headed, Sunset Treiseras a large intelligent four legged creature.


Fi, Buloni & Nato all share the same body and are a Sunset Treiseras which means that the dominant head (Fi) is Female while the submissive heads (Buloni & Nato) are Male. As a Treiseras they have 3 heads with varying numbers of horns, in their case; Fi has two horns, Buloni has one horn and Nato has four horns. They have a large mammalian four-legged body with normal one-toed feet. Their body is striped in Orange and Purple hence their sub-species title, Sunset Treiseras. They have a pair of elongated bones jutting out from their hind legs that cover their tailbone. Their tail is long and very strong having a split right at the end as well as a purple orb held in place.


Fi, Buloni & Nato have fairly different personalities although all overall have a similar playful attitude about them, generally not taking things too seriously.

Fi being the dominant head is the official leader of the trio and tends to control most of their shared body. She is rather calm about most situtation where Buloni or Nato would get overexcited. Fi is also quite cheeky tending to trick Moonlight Treiserases into following her only to ditch them when they lose sight of her. Fi also has passion for fighting and will often play fight with other Treiserases to test her strength and capabilties.

Buloni is the most intelligent of the three heads and generally the one to solve problems for the trio, he is a rather terrible joker, having a habit of telling particularly bad jokes at particularly bad times. He seems to be a bit unaware of what Fi or Nato do as he is the heaviest sleeper of the trio. Buloni is also able to occasionally override Fi's control of their body if they are in a raceas Buloni has described his passion to run as being greater than anything Fi or Nato feel.

Nato may appear simple-minded from first glance although hides a sinister undertone hinted by his seeming obliviousness to conversations. Nato can be intrusive at times and often will try and drag Fi and Buloni away from Treiserases and other creatures he finds boring. Nato has an underlying desire to hunt and believes that when they do hunt that Fi lets him control their body. He is often quite quiet as well tending to only intrude when he can control a conversation or when asked.


As a whole Fi, Buloni & Nato possess a powerful set of claws on each of their legs allowing them to pin their prey down while each of them is able to attack with their retractable fangs. In addition each head like most Treiserases is able to exhume different elemental breathes.

Fi is capable of breathing Fire allowing them to travel through cold climates with ease as well as burning/cooking their prey.

Buloni is able to unleash bolts of lightning from his mouth that he can control by jumping from target to target. Although his breath only has a short range so it is usually used to paralyze a prey while they go in for the kill.

Lastly, Nato is able to breathe Acid allowing him to usually be the one to get them out of binds as Acid Breath is very rare among Treiserases and hence is viewed as a high danger.


  • Fi, Buloni & Nato can only reproduce with Moonlight Treiserases as the head order is reversed. There are in fact 8 Sub-Species of Treiserases however (including Sunset & Moonlight).
  • Fi can be easily distinguished from her brothers not only due to her longer neck but also as she has a purple head as opposed to her brothers' orange heads
  • Nato might actually be evil although even if so, Buloni and Fi neutralize out his evil tendencies