Festival of Fools is the debut album of the punk rock band Breather. The album is reletively dark and of average length, being around 40 minutes. Reception has been TBA.


The album features 10 tracks. There were 4 singles.

  • Festival of Fools: Upbeat short song featuring a guitar solo. The song is about masks people wear to hide themselves. This is a single.
  • Ostracized: Song that flips between somber and angry about a friend who slowly slips into darkness.
  • Perfect Heart: Love song dealing with a stalker who only connects with a beautiful woman out of his reach.
  • Slipping Perplexed: Angry rant that slowly turns more psychotic about a popular political figure who is hated by the singer.
  • Unnotable: Laid back song with a ukelele mixed in about a perfectly average person who is uncomfortable with his status and that mundane things excite him.
  • What's After the Fun: A soft song about the bleak future and enjoying life in the moment. This is a single.
  • A Postcard sent to You: A punk rock song about a garage band inspired by a punk rock band that has become deluded and "corporate". This is a single.
  • Modern World Republican: A sad slow song about the son of a wealthy conservative religous family who wants more named John who meets Jane.
  • Past World Democrat: A fast upbeat punk song about a poor young woman who is an avid democrat and liberal named Jane who meets John.
  • Personal Bullshit: A bittersweet song about a depressed man with an average life enamored with a happy woman who has had a hard life. This is a single.


The cover is a rustic picture of an old timey bunch of entertainers. The leader in the center is an average smiling man who wears a mask with two sides: black and white. On his right is an obese frowning clown, and on his left is a tall man wearing a cyclops mask with a neutral face. On the top of the cover the word Breather is spread out and capitalized. On the bottom, Festival of Fools is written in cursive.



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