Ferdie the Fox
Full Name Ferdie the Fox
Gender Male
Location Sherweird Forest
Current Status Alive
Class Hero, pyromaniac
Main Weapon(s) Anything fire-related that he can get his paws on
Teeth and claws
Ability/ies Great speed and agility
Able to claw and bite foes
Vulnerable To Water
"Flamin' nutcase"

Ferdie the Fox is a resident of Sherweird Forest and one of the main characters in the series Curious Critters of Sherweird Forest. He is a scrawny red fox with an unhealthy obsession over fire; this apparently started when he discovered a discarded pack of matches. He is friends with a large rabbit named Rosco and a sarcastic hedgehog named Hanz.

Physical Description

Ferdie is a small, rather scrawny fed fox. His fur is a deep reddish-mahogany color, and he has a white snout, tail tip and chest.


Under construction


Curious Critters of Sherweird Forest

Paper Fantendo: Dimensions Destiny

Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe

Ferdie is a playable character here. The bulk of his attacks are speed and fire-based. He is lightweight, however, so he is easily sent flying by attacks.

His special attacks are;

Standard B ButtonBiteLashes out with a quick bite.
B Button+SideFlaming TacklePerforms a short dash while cloaked in fire.
B Button+UpExplosive FlightGenerates a small explosion below him to propel himself upwards.
B Button+DownTail SlamSlams the foe from above with his tail.
Final SmashMolotov StormSends a storm of exploding Molotov cocktails down upon the foe.


Apart from his natural speed and agility, Ferdie is able to make use of almost anything in the environment, although he usually goes after objects that are fire-related, such as matches or lighters. He also knows how to make Molotov cocktails.

Friends and Foes






Ferdie is a loud and boisterous fox who simply cannot stand boredom. He was the one who suggested leaving Sherweird Forest and exploring the world beyond it.

Ferdie has been known to take advantage of Rosco's "specialness" in various ways, for various reasons.


  • Fire
  • Exploring
  • Making Molotov Cocktails
  • His friends
  • Junk food


  • Water
  • Rosco (at times)

Biggest Fears

  • Water
  • The dark



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