Ferd the Nerd
Ferd the Nerd
Ferd the Nerd's basic appearance.
Full Name Ferd "the Nerd" Dwebe
Gender Male
Location Calk Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) His mind
Vulnerable To Hits
Latest Appearance Doodlemen RPG

Ferd the Nerd (full name is Ferd Dwebe) is a stick figure that's built into a super computer. He is programed to work for Lord Shavings and destroy Dudle and Dudlette Drawson. The problem with Ferd is that he is very bumbling and malfunctions a lot. However, he is very smart, and can program enemies, such as Rodenters.


Doodlemen RPG

Ferd the Nerd first appears in the Doodlemen RPG as Lord Shavings assistant, as created by Artie. Ferd is battled twice, and is one of the first bosses. He is extremely easy the first time, but quite hard the second. The main gimmick is when he protects himself from basic attacks like jumps and punches. Ferd also survives at the end of the credits with Lord Shavings.


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