This page regards the Neo Fantendoverse version of Fera. For the main universe version of Fera, click here.
Fera (Neo)
Full Name Lauraine Temple
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Species Zeonian Human
Current Status Alive
Doomuillian Army
First Appearance Boldstar: Star Pilot Fera

Lauraine Temple, also known by her nickname Fera, is a Zeonian Human who is part of the Doomuillian Army and the main character Boldstar: Star Pilot Fera. She is the most popular pilot of the Sky Forces division of the Doomuillian Army, thanks to her risky strategies and for participating in an event that saved thousands from a surprise strike in one of Zeonian's most well known landmarks.

Luaraine is the daughter of Madaleine Temple, whom was a supporter of the Doomuillian Army and provided funding for the program and Virgil Tyrell, also known as army member Doomulus Slice. She is also known by her nickname Fera, a word in the Zeonian language with a similar meaning to the word daredevil.