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Fera (Igniverse)
Full Name Fera Bol-Kuraia
Gender Male
Species Terran-Sukubian
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Element(s) Darkness
The original Fera can be found here.
Nice to meet you, captain Unten. I'm Fera. Fera Bol-Kuraia. Hero of Sukubia.
Fera, to Unten

Fera is one of the many characters found within the Igniverse, being a direct counterpart to the prime Fantendoverse's own Fera. Much like the primary incarnation, Fera is a Hero battling over the planet Coronite who eventually encounters the other heroes of her universe and joins them; however, Igniverse Fera represents her somewhat adoptive home of Sukubia, and is actually a hybrid of Sukubian and Terran parentage.

Physical Description

Fera takes a drastic change in appearance compared to her prime incarnation, being thinner and less armored. Her skin is slightly paler and her hair is white at the base, both due to her mixed race descendants. She has similar facial features to her normal counterpart, but also possesses small horns and facial markings akin to a Sukubian. The most prominent change to Igniverse Fera is her pair of "winglets"; these are underdeveloped bone nubs with multicolored crystals growing on them, supposedly growing into full Sukubian wings when she reaches maturity.

Her clothing is reminiscent of typical Sukubian culture though toned down slightly, resembling Samus Aran's Zero Suit combined with a typical tank top and shorts. Fera states that she requested her toned-down attire specifically because typical Sukubian clothing makes her feel "exposed".

Fera is actually chronologically younger than her prime timeline counterpart, but is biologically the same age due to Sukubians aging slightly faster.


Fera is closer to her original incarnation than other Igniverse characters such as Unten or Amaia; she's a heroic character who prides herself on her ability to work well with others and has extreme amounts of patriotic pride for her world. However, Igniverse Fera is more of a master planner than the inspiring soldier of the prime timeline, a brave heroine who inspires her team to fight on. Like most Sukubians, Fera is a master manipulator, and is somewhat known for convincing both friend and foe alike into falling into her plans.

Unlike most of her race, Fera is uncomfortable with acts of extreme sexuality and is considerably more modest than most Sukubians, possibly even more so than Fera Prime. She actually tries her best to abuse her image as a pure-hearted child, using it as even more leverage to fuel her manipulative tendencies.



Fera's relationship with Unten is about the same as her prime counterpart; she looks up to him as a commanding officer and is extremely loyal to him. Igniverse Fera is less so, as her variant of Unten is less openly heroic and admirable than the prime variant. She still remains dutiful to him and his cause, but is more open to disagreeing with him or calling him out for his actions.



  • Igniverse Fera was designed around part of the original incarnation's backstory where Fera's father left her and her mother when she was still young, remarrying after falling in love with a Sukubian coworker. Igniverse Fera was conceived as "if Fera was the daughter of her father and the Sukubian character" as opposed to her original parents.

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