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Full Name Fera Madeleine Bolstar
Current Age 21
Date of Birth September 2nd, 7,035
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Species Terran
Current Status Alive
Terra/Discovery Coalition
Main Weapon(s) Energy Spear/Ion-Absorption Shield
Ability/ies Above-normal athletic abilities
First Appearance Heroforce

Fera is one of the 64 playable Heroes in Heroforce, and is considered by its creator to be the primary character of the series.


Fera is typically considered the model soldier by Terrans viewing the battles for Coronite; strong, dutiful, cooperative, and focused on fighting for her world. In truth, she's a bit ticked about having to fight for the planet against her will in the first place, having a strong appreciation for authority yet not liking the Terran government all that much.

Fera is very much a team player, working well with others and one who actively does her best to make friends and help others feel comfortable. Despite this, she is extremely skilled in combat, approaching battle situations with a keen tactical mind.


Fera acts as one of the 64 Heroes in combat over the rights to the planet Coronite, and she represents the Terran race in this epic battle. Though she is in fact partially the reason why the battle begun in the first place, she claims to not believe it to be her fault.

Her current role in Pyroverse canon is unknown as of yet, but it is said that as Pyro Enterprises' mascot, she will have a relatively large role.


Fera possesses no exceptional abilities like most playable Heroes, but is well-trained in her chosen weapon of spear and shield, compounded by her military knowledge of combat. In addition, years of working as a Terran soldier have given her high tactical prowess, and she is able to strategize fairly well in the heat of combat.



Fera begins the game as a soldier in the Terran army. Her story is relatively normal until the appearance of Coronite and Lucius. Inspired by the traveller's words of caution, she attempts to convince her superiors that trying to control the energy in the planet was too dangerous. In response, they sentenced her to do the conquering for Terra, and inadvertently initiated the "Hero" listings in the first place. As such, she is often refered to as the "original Hero" or "Hero #1" by other Heroes.

Fera's moveset is as follows:

Up Left Down Right Overdrive
Spear Charge- Fera spins her spear at her side, then stabs it forward. This attack can pierce guards and most defensive barrier-type specials. Spear Toss- Fera throws her spear at an opposing Hero or enemy that she is currently targeting. If not targeting, she just throws it forward. This attack may Slow the target, and Fera will not get her spear back until the thrown spear its something. Light Heal- Fera uses an adrenaline booster within her armor to create a small healing pulse. Fera regains 20% of her HP, and any ally that is struck by the pulse gains 15% of their HP. Spear Beam- Fera swings her spear, firing off a sniper rifle-like beam of energy. This may Paralyse the target. Shield Rush- Fera rushes forward, shield-first. If she strikes an opponent, they become stunned as Fera unleashes a massive combo on them.

Pyroverse: ORIGIN

Project VD

Fera makes a non-canon appearance in Project VD as a playable DLC character, alongside fellow Pyro Enterprises characters Dolli and Geki.

Super Smash Bros. Crash

Though Fera doesn't physically appear in Super Smash Bros. Crash, her amiibo is compatible with the game. By scanning it, a costume based on Fera will be unlocked for King Boo to use; he wears her helmet and wears her shield.

Stampede Breakfast 2

Though Fera is not physically present in Stampede Breakfast 2, one of King Boo's alts has her wear a costume based on her. It is identical to the one he wears in Super Smash Bros. Crash.