NOTE: This is made to offend anyone. It is purly for entertainment and expresses my feelings of all of you. Thanks.

Fentaindohderp is a wiki/universe that parodies Fentaindohderp. It features wacky parodys and was made by spark


  • DUMBer: The ruler of Fentaindohderp. He is Plumber except he is dumb.
  • STUPIDmariobro64: A STUPID mario bro
  • Sr.WarioRETARDED: A n00b who has very bad grammar and spelling.
  • STUPIDios7: lol
  • YoSHITEgg: The famous female user who idolizes Birdo like a god. Sr.WarioRETARDED is gay on her.
  • ASSlange95: ASSlange is very quiet, but likes to make WAY too many sequels to his Battle O' The Boobs series.
  • MarioGAYmeChampion: ___
  • NintenSTUPIDfah64: A RARE fanboy who is the worst artist ever but thinks he rocks. He has an unhealthy obsession with TransformGAYmice.
  • CloveRETARDEDfieldmonster: A mature user, who makes destruction-based games every single minute. He usually plays it safe(In his mind) with his "wonderful" formula.
  • MarioPhIDIOTneas76: A fan of sidekicks who feels that Mario is overrated, and likes to blab on a lot.
  • 1337DUMB: A guy who is nice but talks in a whisper voice and no one can hear him.
  • MasterClydeSTUPID: His name isnt clyde
  • PowDERPstar123: ___
  • Darthtankengine STUPIDios: What's up with this guy?
  • MiDORKnightYoshi: ___
  • GAYrend: He's dutch, so he talks in stupid grammar. He makes drawings.
  • CobGAYweb: He is a dicktater.
  • DICK64rules: A very fancy and professional user. However, he is the biggest jerk on the wiki.
  • DohiPISSED: A very whiny user who is a crybaby.
  • MariothePOOPY: Now his name is Heartphile which means he has a heart sex
  • MirGAYnda22: She rights stories about DICKgenerator, but most people think they're the same person.

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