Fenne, the mysterious underground dweller.
Full Name Fenne
Current Age  ??
Date of Birth  ??
Gender Female
Species Beorn (?)
Location Underground (Earth)
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Dweller of the Underground
The Underground
Family and Relations
Chet (father figure)
Cool air, belts
Spewage expiration, being helpless
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Regeneration by Spewage
Vulnerable To Spewage expiration
Height 5'09
Fenny, Fennel
First Appearance Another One
Latest Appearance Beorn Hallow

Fenne is supposedly a Beorn that appears in the Fantendo Now episode Another One. She was revealed to not be a Beorn, or at least a real one, through blood tests conducted by Leah Needlenam. She later appears in Beorn Hallow, where the full extent of her real identity is revealed.


Fenne is a female Beorn with an orange color. Her "eyelash extrusions" are on the left and right of her face and she has more mouse-like ears with gold earrings hanging off them. She wears an assortment of colored belts on her body and a small scarf covering her neck. Hanging off her right arm is a chain of jewels. Both of her legs have dark yellow bandages.


Fenne is fairly feral, repeating words rather primitively in her first appearance. She has been shown to learn rather quickly, albeit is mostly mute during her first appearance. In Beorn Hallow, she has a full grasp of the English language thanks to Chet.



Powers and Abilities

Fenne has seeming no powers or abilities despite seemingly being a Beorn. If she has any, they haven't been shown.


Another One

She first appears in this episode, coming from the underground. Much of Unten's struggle in the episode is based around whether he has to revive the Beorn race with her. In the last scene, it is revealed Fenne is not a real Beorn and she runs away, with Unten wondering what she is.

Beorn Hallow






  • The character and many of the other Beorn Hallow characters were inspired by past attempts to introduce new Beorns, albeit with a dark twist.
  • Her fascination with belts is slightly based off Tetsuya Nomura, creator of the Kingdom Hearts series, who designed several characters with lots and lots of belts.
    • Ironically, this was later satirized by Mynis.

Trophy Information


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