Orange Mystery Box !


The main protagonist of the Mario & Feng series. He is the elder brother of Xun.


He has almost all the abilities of Mario and Luigi. He also has super speed like Sonic the Hedgehog.


Basically the same as Mario but with a sleeker mustache and thinner body. He is slightly bigger than Mario.

Back Story

He is from the Western Territories. In the West, he and his brother Xun are hailed as superstars, much like Mario and Luigi of the Mushroom Kingdom. This would end when the West was thrown into chaos by corrupt government officials. These officials banished Feng and Xun and both would take up residence in the Mushroom Kingdom. The eventually worked their way into the inner circle of Princess Peach and Feng planned to marry her, but was foiled when Peach met Mario. Not holding a grudge, he agreed to help Mario rescue Peach.

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