Femelle Bataille is a RPG and First-Person Shooter mixed game created by Kyledude788 and it's available only on Wii U. This game features all female characters.


It take place on the alternative planet like Earth, Ladia, where the people are all women and no men. An alien army trying to invade Ladia. The queen of Ladia called out the heroes of all factions to stop the alien army. However, they encountered a young male who is one of the alien army.


Story Mode

The story mode lets you choose one nations to play through the chapters. On different chapters, you'll be playing the female heroes depending on what faction you choose

Tournament Mode

The alternative version of the story mode. After the victory against the alien army, they captured the young male. However due to his handsome face and muscular body, all the girls wanted him. So the queen created a tournament that the young man will vote if one faction wins, they will get him as the faction's reproduction. *Lucky him*

More info on the Tournament Mode soon but if you complete one faction on the story mode, all the heroes in one faction will be unlocked. And the difference is that they're enemies in the Tournament Mode.

Survival Mode

In Survival Mode, you must survive the waves of aliens. Upgrade your power and build up some defense. You can play as solo or in multiplayer.

Multiplayer Mode

There'll be more info on the Multiplayer Mode very soon."


In Femelle Bataille, you'll use the WiiU Game Pad or controller to activate skills. Here are the controls:

  • A = Reload
  • B = Jump
  • X = Switch 1st weaponry
  • Y = Switch 2nd weaponry
  • ZL = Shoot (far-ranged) or Hit (close-ranged)
  • ZR = Aim (far-ranged) or Defend (close-ranged)
  • L = Activate 1st weaponry skill
  • R = Activate 2nd weaponry skill
  • L + R = Activate ultimate skill
  • D-Pad = Activate Self-skills

Each heroes will have 2 type of weapons to carry.


Great Eastern Imperial

Empire of the Holy Cross

Black Phantom Empire

War Sisters

Arcana Academia

Crimson Combustion Corps

Militarian Force

Wooden Elves

High Elves

Dark Elves

Golden Gear Punks

Platinum Shepherds

Amazons of the Mountains

Amazons of the Forest

Nature Force

Seven Sea Pirates

Sapphire Marines

Atlantic Guardians

Arctic Legion

'"More info coming soon..."