NEW Felo artwork
Decca03's Felo artwork for Felo Rush 2: Feeling Rushed
Full Name Felo
Current Age 10
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Felo Rush
Latest Appearance Felo Rush

Felo is the main character of Felo Rush. He has an axe and is running away from the villain who wants him blown up.


Felo Rush

Felo was on the run from Bomber, a strange villain who wants to blow him up. After escaping the hills he found himself in Mine Volcano and he got out just as it blew up. He used a submarine and made his way to a tropical island. There he entered a dark tower where he was nearly destroyed by a nuke, and then he went to beat Bomber. In the DLC, he went into a temple and had to get an evil spirit out of Temple Zack.