Feldi Final artwork
Gender Male
Species Toad
Location Mushroom City
Class Servant of King Polarite
King Polarite
Ability/ies can summon powers from drawings
First Appearance Super Mario Revival (first season)

Feldiis a young, villainous Toad who appears in the the first season of Super Mario Revival. He is a member of King Polarite's army, and like all of King Polarite's minions, he was once good.

Feldi, like the rest of King Polarite's minions, is determined to find the Gleaming Treasure and help King Polarite to take over the world. He is the youngest servant of King Polarite, and the shyest as well. He isn't as quiet and loud as the others, however, he is still quite powerful. Hoolio, a fellow servant of King Polarite, often bullies him and thinks of him as a sissy, and says that he isn't cut out to be one of them.

Feldi likes to draw and is quite imaginative. He is also a bit feminine and girly and admires Princess Peach very much.

After many failed attempts to defeat Mario and find the Gleaming Treasure, Feldi rethinks his life and questions what's right.


Feldi is a Toad with a white cap and a white cloak, which are covered in paint splotches. He has a small tuft of blonde hair poking out of his cap, and his eyes are purely white, with no pupils.


Feldi can draw a variety of things such as fire or a whirlpool and then summon them into actuality to attack.

Beta Designs

Feldi was not originally a Toad. He was an alien like all other villains before Super Mario Revival was finalized. In all of his designs and ideas, he changed drastically, much to the point where each beta design seems like a different character yet is actually the same. Each design retained the feminine personality, however Cyclo did not keep them.

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