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Feint, one the Threat's many mooks.
Full Name Feint
Gender Ambiguous
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Commander of the Threat's Forces
First Appearance  ???
Feint is the former romantic partner of The Threat and currently now works as a commander in her forces. They are seemingly ambiguously gendered.


Feint has a floating head with a purple shiny rock in the center. Their head also forms two "horns". They have a horseshoe shaped body that splits into a "dress" like shape, with segmented dark sections. To the left and right are two detached tentacles.


Feint was created by the Threat as an ideal partner but got bored with them quickly, instead re-purposing them to command the her forces.


Feint is fairly non-descriptive in personality, as he has no real will of his own and just follows The Threat's orders. Feint comes off as cold and distant to others, and is often seen as alien as his physical appearance. Despite this, Feint is actually shown to have some jealousy towards whoever The Threat happens to be dating, with Nell and Feint having a furious rivalry way back in the day but now are more closer to friends than foes.


Fantendo - Genesis

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory