Federation Battle is a tactical role playing game for Gameboy Advance. The player chooses a force and commands pilots to win the battle.


The gameplay is similar to the Super Robot Wars series. Players must complete the objectives such as defeating all the enemies in the map, survive until the number of turns reach it's limits, etc. However, they must be aware of the defeat conditions too such as if one specific pilot is defeated.

When battling, players can choose their officers or soldiers and command them to use Move, Attack, Spirit, etc. They can also check the pilots' details by choosing Status. When attacking, players get to choose on what attack they should use against that enemy. Each weapon has a range and a bonus accuracy and critical hit. Some weapons has only 1 range only, others cannot be used after moving. After choosing the weapon, the players will see the percentage that shows how much percent will it suceed hitting the opponent or not. The opponent's counter attack also has a percentage.

More to come......

Pilots and Forces

Frontier Protectors

Destiny Warriors

Guardian Apprentices

Rising Justice (After defeating the two other forces)

More to come.............


More to come....




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