(I might not even continue this again due to my love for FNAF being non-existent at this point, but I'm keeping it up just in case I want to finish it or do something else with it.)

Fazbear Fighters is a fighting game based on the famous series "Five Nights at Freddy's". The game is being creeated by Phoenix Fire. It is its own original story, and it only references to the real FNaF games. The game is available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Fazbear Fighters
Developer(s) Phoenix Fire
Release Date(s)
November 17, 2015
Genre(s) Fighting/Beat em' up
Series Fazbear Fighters


Each character has there 2 generic attacks being Choke and Jumpscare, these are attacks that every character has. And every character has there 2 special moves. One special move (CTRL) is the normal special move, and the powerful special move (SHIFT) is the stronger special move but takes longer to charge. Each attack is charged, the longer you hold down that certain button that does the attack, the more damage it will do. Powerful special moves take much longer to charge. And I'm sure you've figured this out but, a fully charged attack does the full damage and the most brutal damage.

Character Description Moveset
Freddy Fazbear He's the big guy! He's the reason why "Freddy Fazbears Pizza" is even called that! He is a very strong character and will destroy anybody who gets in his way
  • Left Click - Choke
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Pizza Throw
  • SHIFT - Toreador March
Bonnie the Bunny The guitar player in the Freddy Group, and is one of the most energetic characters out of all of them.
  • Left Click - Choke
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Guitar
  • SHIFT - Stare of Death
Chica the Chicken + Carl the Cupcake Chica and her cupcake will destroy you in battle no doubt! When you're not paying attention to Chica, she will send out her cupcake to bite you a little... Just a little...
  • Left Click - Choke
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Cupcake
  • SHIFT - "Let's Eat" your FACE
Foxy the Pirate

The Fox that lies in Pirate Cove! He is the quickest character, and he could most definitely remove your frontal lobe!

  • Left Click - Choke
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Speedy boost (can knock people over)
  • SHIFT - Bite frontal lobe

Unlockable Characters


Description How to Unlock Moveset
Fredbear The reason why any of the animatronics exist. He is an absolutely terrifying character that will literally crush your skull
  • Left Click - Choke
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Spits on your springlocks
  • SHIFT - Crush skull
Spring Bonnie + Plushtrap The best friend of Fredbear will come after you, and so will his buddy, Plushtrap.
  • Left Click - Choke
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Stab
  • SHIFT - Plushtrap
Mangle The failed version of "Toy Foxy" is very viscous. Even if she appears to be broken, she will break you.
  • Left Click - Choke
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Re-assemble
  • SHIFT - Bite Frontal Lobe
Balloon Boy The annoying little freak that will sneak up on you and dismantle you.
  • Left Click - Choke
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Laugh
  • SHIFT - Dismantle


See above for information on how attacks work. In the game you start out as A.I level 1, and as you fight more and more you can get higher AI levels. The highest AI level is 20. This idea was semi-inspired by Splatoon. The more you level up your AI level, the more powerful you get. Example:

  • AI Level 5 - Toy upgrade
  • AI Level 10 - Phantom Upgrade
  • AI Level 15 - Nightmare Upgrade

And obviously these come with changes of moveset, for most of the characters. For example: when you upgrade to Nightmare Freddy, instead of pizzas you'll have mini Freddy's. The person you go to to upgrade your AI is The Endoskeleton! Ever wondered why he's hanging out in Parts/Service, its because he's a mechanic! And you can go over to Prize Corner to get some other awesome modifications, like hats, shirts, bling, change of color, etc.! In the game tokens are the main currency you can use to buy all the stuff at shops and whatnot. It works oppositely from Smash Bros. in the sense that instead of your percentage going up, it goes down. It starts at 100 and can go down to 0. It shows your percentage of strength, so when you start out at 100, you have maximum amount of strength, but when down at 0, you are the weakest you can be, and your attacks are 75% less powerful.


The hub is obviously a pizzeria and the floor is checkered black and red. The hub is free roam and you can do whatever you want in it! In the game you are the crying child ghost and you can posess whatever fighter you want to play as! The characters have a spotlight on them if you have unlocked them, but if you haven't unlocked them, they won't be there.

Parts and Service (Upgrades)

Welcome to parts and services! Mr. Endo will fix you up a brand new suit whenever you like, just as long as you have the right amount of tokens or the right amount of AI. To show the upgrades in detail I shall show you this table:

Character and Upgrade Type Moveset
Toy Freddy
  • Left Click - Shove you into ground
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Sticky Cheese Pizza
  • SHIFT - Toreador March 2.0
Phantom Freddy
  • Left Click - Burn
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Burnt Pizza
  • SHIFT - Broken Toreador March
Nightmare Freddy
  • Left Click - Stab/Scratch
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Extra Large Pizza
  • SHIFT - Mini Freddy's
Character and Upgrade Type Moveset
Toy Bonnie
  • Left Click - Shove into ground
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Electric Guitar
  • SHIFT - White Pupil Stare
Phantom Bonnie
  • Left Click - Burn
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Out of tune guitar
  • SHIFT - Hyper realistic eye stare
Nightmare Bonnie
  • Left Click - Stab/Scratch
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Killer Guitar
  • SHIFT - Red pupil stare
Character and Upgrade Type Moveset
Toy Chica
  • Left Click - Shove into ground
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Toy Cupcake
  • SHIFT - "Lets play" with your FACE (smash head)
Phantom Chica
  • Left Click - Burn
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Golden Cupcake
  • SHIFT - "Lets Burn" your FACE
Nightmare Chica
  • Left Click - Stab/ Scratch
  • Right Click - Jumpscare
  • CTRL - Nightmare Cupcake
  • SHIFT - "Let's Murder"... YOU!

Prize Corner (Shop)

Item Description Cost
Freddy Fazbear Hat The original Freddy Fazbear Hat in all of its glory! It has appeared in every single game, no matter how withered, burnt, or polished it is! 200 Tokens
Custom Bib Chicas bib, but with your very own words on it! 250 Tokens
Custom Guitar Has no benefit in battle but makes you look pretty cool during battle! You can also customize the colors! 300 Tokens


Each stage has its own uniqueness in the sense that each stage gives special advantages to players. Like if you beat ridley in Pyrosphere you can fight as him. You can get these advantages usually by doing really good or really bad...

Stage Description
Freddy Fazbears Pizza! A stage where you are in freddy fazbears pizza! There are tables that you can jump on and decorations you can dangle from. Occasionally Foxy will come running through the stage come from the left. And who ever is losing will be on the stage in the background and is able to destroy people with sound waves.
Fazbears Fright: The Horror Attraction ?
Child's House ?